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    Trt and winstrol

    If you're on TRT, you should be able to control your water retention with cardio, training, and diet. Forget about anti-estrogens. Learn to diet, and with cardio daily, or at least 3 x per week should do the trick. You're on TRT pretty much for the rest of your life and it's better to learn...
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    What's good!

    Welcome! I think you’ll like it here!
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    Ratios for Compounds - Test/Tren/Mast

    I feel that you can achieve amazing results from those compounds in smaller dosages. Half of those amounts will get you to where you want to go, if your diet and training are on point. As mentioned in a previous response, you can achieve great results from even less amounts. If your diet and...
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    Ratios for Compounds - Test/Tren/Mast

    You're running almost 2 grams of gear per week. If you're not competing, why such high dosages? Did you try to slowly raise Tren or did you just jump from 350 to 700? I'm asking because where do you go from here? 1,000 mg of tren, 1,000 mg of test, and 1000 mg of Masteron next time? We all...
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    Low dose Anavar only cycle

    Hi Bender, At your age (our age) it is best to go with injectables, like testosterone. I would recommend starting at 100 mg per week and adjust as you go based on how you feel. This should give you an energy boost and help you to recover better. Anavar, is a good and relatively safe oral to...
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    New and Need Help

    It’s one of my favorite cycles and like you mentioned, “almost a test, tren, mast cycle”, but a much milder version. These days, I like to keep test at around 200 mg per week divided into 2 100 mg shots. About 10 years ago, I was having a hard time losing a layer of fat…I was about 15%??? Or...
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    New and Need Help

    What's your favorite protocol with Test, NPP, and Primo - mg and length of cycle? Did you see/feel almost immediate changes after starting NPP?
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    Primobolan 1st time

    Do you prefer NPP to Deca or Equipoise?
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    Primobolan 1st time

    When I use primo and I'm on it right now, I use pharmaceutical Primo (and what a difference from ULs), after the second shot, I feel my body tightening up, only after the second, 100 mg shot. I like to pin it 3 x per week and I'm running it with Test Cyp and anapolon 50 mg. This is a cycle...
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    Primobolan 1st time

    Primobolan a great compound! Don’t expect explosive growth from it, but steady, dry gains. 300-600 mg is a good range to start with…I also like the cycle! The various compounds will mix well…
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    Coach IFBB former

    Dave Palumbo
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    Fist Cycle Update

    That will come with the territory! Be proud and know that's a combinations or hard-work, determination, consistency, and good all fashion heavy training and a good diet. Consistent training provides consistent results. You don't owe anyone anything and have no responsibility to share what...
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    Fist Cycle Update

    At your (our) age TRT should be something that you need to consider. We are close in age and at this point, our testosterone levels will never be normal, unless we give it what it needs to be at normal levels. Normal levels vary from doctor to doctor. Some think that 400-500 is fantastic…I...
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    Coach IFBB former

    You are doing great! First, you reached out for help and that’s the right thing to do before embarking on products and practices that can hurt your health. I have heard mixed reviews on Milos. I know certain pros who received the same protocol for hgh and insulin (he’s supposedly one of the top...
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    Are you over 40´s and looking to get big or even compete being healthy

    The only thing I would add to that list is primo acetate, and anavar and believe or not, real anadrol, like anapolon…(this o e is just for me…don’t recommend it if I find there’s a substantial difference between UL anadrol and real anadrol like anapolon (at least for me). My stomach reacts...
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    Arimidex vs Nolvadex in a cycle and Pregnyl as pct?

    Hi, With the type of cycle you used, I wouldn’t use an AÍ (unless absolutely necessary). I must say that it’s refreshing to see a beginner with a cycle of test only and with the dosages you used. Now you absolutely know what’s like to be on test and how your body reacts to it, without having...
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    Looking for info

    We need more info!!! No one is going to give advice or at least shouldn’t with a question like that.
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    I totally agree with Supps on this one. It’s been a while since you last cycled. Start with test alone and get to feel what it feels like to be on it again, before adding other compounds. Masteron works best when your body fat is around 10% and there’s no need to even use that. A 12 week...
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    Coach IFBB former

    Welcome! There are so many great trainers that it’s hard to recommend just one. For anabolics, you will find a lot of wisdom from our members. Health, if you go back and read some of our posts, is the most important consideration (here) for most members. That’s in my humble opinion, what...
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    First Cycle for cutting

    Hi... and welcome! Reading your post, the first thing that came to my mind was how on point is your diet? Give us some more information there...we can then build from there. Diet should always be your number one priority, then training/cardio, and off course, rest. Secondly, are you waking...