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    how many years does AAS turn back sex drive?

    Just curious what other members here have experienced?..When it comes to sex drive I feel about 23 and not 43..I am banging escorts and don't want to develope a sex addiction
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    Trenbolone cycle at 43?

    I don't have much experience..but I wanted to go for 200 mg Tren-low dose
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    Trenbolone cycle at 43?

    I have read alot and watched a ton of videos on this great steroid..I want to try it..I have been on TRT for 5 months and have added anavar...Do you think someone my age should give it a cycle?...I will cut the anavar and add health is great and am exercising almost 2 hours a day..I...
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    Beligas Authenticity Check

    I am very new to this..but I ordered Beligas seems good
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    Best oral steroid

    why don't you start with some anavar..maybe not get as big but is a great drug
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    Bunk gear?

    Hi don't know if this helps but Odin was my first purchase for Test..I am very happy with them it seems like good stuff
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    why are steroids illegal?

    I really don't get it..I can walk into any Grocery store load up on Alcohol and Ciggaretts and then go around the corner and eat fast food poison..but just don't bulid your body and become stronger and get all the benefits of anabolics..Do you feel that this is just ignorance and Stupidity?..or...
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    Doing a cycle at 43 what is your opinion?

    thanks for the info..I have been on trt 200mg for 4 months
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    Doing a cycle at 43 what is your opinion?

    thanks for the reply..I do like what I read on Deca for joints
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    Can anabolics change Sexuality ?..some say Trenbolone made them homosexual

    I thought I would post this video..because on trt and anavar I watched some crazy porn..I have no attraction to Men but found myself viewing gay and Bisex porn..More plates more dates discussed this is the video
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    Doing a cycle at 43 what is your opinion?

    Hi to all members..I would like to say thank you for the board and all the great information!! I am 43 started on TRT about 4 months ago..I think it is a miracle..I am thinking of kicking it up to 400 mg and start taking working out very seriously..I also ordered anavar..and really like what I...
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    Just started deca

    I want to use it for joints..I heard this 43 I need a little extra help
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    I believe all Men over 35 should take trt and anabolics

    This maybe a little controversial..but I do believe that TRT and other anabolics are needed for Men is this society..Have you seen alot of the younger Men these days?..soft and very effeminate and alot of fat slob middle aged Men and women..Just on Test 200-300 mg a week at 43 I feel 23..How...
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    TRT as a gateway to steriods

    I don't know if it is a gateway but to me it was at 43 T made me feel 23..If that is not a miracle drug I don't know what is..I also revieved part of my shipment so things are looking good..I with use you both
  15. R Customer Discussions

    I would like everyone to know..that I was contacted and it appears the order was shipped...My apology and if you would like me to remove the post please let me know..
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    Hi..I don't know how I was abusive?

    Hi..I don't know how I was abusive?
  17. R Customer Discussions

    the only reason I became worried is prior the communication was great..and then just fell off for two-days..I have sent 12 emails
  18. R Customer Discussions

    that sounds fair..but I just don't know why all communication went dead..I will remove the post if I jumped the gun
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    TRT as a gateway to steriods

    I really believe Testoserone is the fountain of youth..I know what i feel..I have the sex drive now of a 20 year old I would be happy to use you again..the only reason why I did not because you were not accepting wire transfer..Zelle was not working and has alot of problems...CENSORED is on...
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    TRT as a gateway to steriods

    I was going to a trt clinic..I am 43..I was never a bodybuilder and always had 1,000 ng naturally till the age of 39..The clinic I am going to is full of females which I find strange and they want my level at 800..I told them to shove it..If I was naturally at 1,000 why would I want a 7---800...