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    <p>Hey guys so I got my lab for total and free test both in normal range but definitely on the low end. So is that a good sign that my fsh and lh will recover? </p>
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    Little bit nervous on pct

    <p>Hey guys! So I'm having trouble sleeping because I got some blood work done and my fsh and lh levels are virtual nothing they're very low....i know that is a good indicator of sperm being produced or notand I have been running clomid and nolvadex for 3 weeks so yes i even took test on pct. Im...
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    the YOU DIG

    <p>alright just made a purchase today two test E (250) and two test PROP (100). heres my plan (of course open to ideas and criticism and i even take compliments too lol. im going to pin 100 MG E.O.D of the prop to jumpstart the ENAN. im going to pin the ENAN twice a week for 500 MG total. i...
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    <p>Hey everyone. this is my intro. Im 27 years old. ive been training for 11 years (on and off) im 5,7 150 LBS. i would say i have a low body fat percentage as i have been an athlete my whole life. however i have hit a ceiling and cant grow! so of course i turned to help (steroids). Now a few...
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    think my stuff might be bunk?

    <p>Okay, so i just started a cycle (first one) i have been pinning test e twice a week (prochem) and it leaves me feeling sore. HOWEVER it is running out and i went through a source (Local) and bought some test e and prop.from a company called xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx. (Xxxxxx company)  i pinned 1 ML of...