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    Hey, Im looking to purchase. Anyone have a recommended source?

    I think he's trying to say that through this forum he managed to find one

    I believe all Men over 35 should take trt and anabolics

    dosage is the same. as much as it looks like, you run 250 mg Test C every 3.5 days = 500 mg weekly since Sustanon you want to get is 300 mg then you need around 1.7 ml per week. I recommend pinning it 3 times a week. Like Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1.7 ml / 3 = 0.56 ml per pin

    Hey, Im looking to purchase. Anyone have a recommended source?

    simply check around. read my avatar as a hint. but yeah, we can't talk about sources in public

    Serostim 6mg

    that's right!

    Looking for some info on next cycle

    With Dianabol, the most notable ones are related to high estrogen like gynecomastia, water retention, and others. androgen related issues like acne and hair loss can still occur. testosterone suppression and liver toxicity too.

    Prednisone, oral steroid for inflammation for sciatica pain

    yeah you're right, but if used for recovery/ joints then used in way lower doses than those for mass increase

    Testosterone and Libido

    sexual issues are different from a person to another. some lost interest in sex, others can't maintain or reach an erection. others can't reach an orgasm. different people, different issues. for example, high prolactin makes you lose interest in sex. your issue was due to high estrogen, as you...

    Prednisone, oral steroid for inflammation for sciatica pain

    Might actually be a good idea. Never underestimate the possibility of getting liver damage. Also, I guess you run Anavar with Testosterone? The last thing, you could try adding a low dosage of Deca. It helps with joints/tendons health but could be helpful for your back too.


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    Welcome, give a little details about yourself so if you have any questions, we could help

    Adding HCG to a PCT

    is about right, but might change the dosage depending on how your body reacts. you plan HCG because you notice testicle shrinakge?

    Sup gurus!

    never used injections?

    EQ and estrogen

    It slowly enters the system and is barely aromatizing (even less than 50% of testosterone). there may be no difference in the amount of AI you may need, although I think it should require more AI than less. Simply because it's strange - aromatizing steroid working as an AI. Oxymetholone that is...


    post from 2016-2017 still helps people nowadays! lol

    TRT and dosage, gyno, decreased libido

    yeah, it seems you're doing well. and as long as it all comes back to normal after using arimidex then it does seems like estrogen was the culprit

    need help from experienced cycle of 2 types

    covid sucks man...

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    Welcome! Glad to have you among us! Sorry about your injury but glad you're doing fine now. you're definitely right there! Get accustomed to the forum and ask questions if you have any. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    TRT and dosage, gyno, decreased libido

    well, that's the first sign of gyno of them being sensitive. later might pop out. and yes, Nolva does a great job in reducing gyno, but won't touch estrogen levels. how's it going by now?