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    Alarmingly high levels of led cadmium and mercury diagnosed

    Hi guys, I'm pretty down for a while... It all started July 2014 i started feeling worse and worse... Terrible headaches ( migraine) extreme nausea, total lack of power and muscle contraction in spite of being on cycle. I simply couldn't figureed out what happened. I was ill. This was time I...
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    How often you train bodypart you want to focus on ?

    How often you guys train body part you want to focus on ?? Couple of years back I had no shoulders. I hated pear type of shape- tiny tiny shoulders and wide ass. I decided to pursue my dream of building athletic shoulders and hit them hard 3 times a week. Even tho I was told by many that this...
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    paleo/ crossfit style diet

    <p>Guys did any of you tried paleo? I been trying to stick to bananas and sweet potatoes only as source of carbs. Its not easy sometimes and does require to be organized...  Cannot give any feedback on it yet. Do you think ditching rice, grains and white potatoes is a way to go?</p>
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    Acne/ enlarged pores

    <p>Hi guys! I decided I will share with you my recent discovery. After I tried hundreds of skin products with little or no success I decided to go all natural. Past few weeks I only use home made skin products and it really works! After each cycle my skin condition gets slightly worse. My face...
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    Anyone on here from South Africa?

    <p>Anyone on here from south Africa? I quite likely will be going there some point , for a while. Just curious how is the fitness industry over there?</p>
  6. B to use it safely?

    <p>Hello guys. How do I use insulin to get best results? I tried to find out but everyone says different! Quite confused. I would love to hear your experience. How long did you run it for? And how you adjust your dosage? Thanx:)!</p>
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    Sarms for post cycle therapy??

    <p>Question to knowledgeable members, I read so much about using sarms( ostarine for example) as post cycle therapy. It's justified by fact it doesn't suppress test production if taken up to25 mg/day. It only binds to androgen receptor in muscle and bone.</p> <p> Fair enough. But isn't postcycle...
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    <p>Common sense would tell you: females do not actually produce testosterone thus no need for postcycle. </p> <p>When I done my very first anavar cycle I crashed so so badly I cannot express this in words. I have lost everything I had 2 weeks of worse depression ever! I haven't eat and I cried...
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    anyone gets ill while on Deca???

    <p>I might be well mistaking... After my shoot of deca last Thursday I got really ill( on Fri night). Now seem I been left with kind of flu sort of infection that makes me really miserable! Past few days I couldn't eat and couldn't sleep as in so much pain. Especially my nose blocked headaches...
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    DMSO to transport steroid from skin surface to blood stream?

    <p>DMSO isn't new at all. Lot of controversy around it. Did you ever hear of it and what's you opinion?It supposed to transport through skin anything that is mixed with it. Lots of medical articles says it's very effective with transportation of insulin, hgh, steroids and antibiotics. </p>
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    your experience with deca

    <p>I started deca few days ago. Would like to hear your experience with this compound. Supposed to be great for building semi lean muscle and somewhat suitable for females in responsible doses. </p> <p>From what I heard it takes good3-4 weeks to noticed anything. Also read deca has positive...
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    Feedback on primobolan cycle

    <p>Hey girls. </p> <p> Any of you would like to give me advice and share experience on primobolan cycle? I m looking for an answer to : dosage(frequency), length of cycle, anything else run alongside?</p> <p>What was the result? How long before it 'll " kick " in?</p> <p>Your help is very...
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    Receptor over saturation.

    <p>To knowledgeable out there, how much true is in receptor saturation? It seems to me it is being fairly serious part of cycling and planning. Is time on = time off enough to free up the androgen receptors. Is there anything that can be used during time offto hold onto as much gains as...
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    turinabol or anavar for females?

    <p>Hey , New on here. Not new to certain compounds tho. What is your experience and choice? I seem to love both almost equally... well I lean towards t bol... But running var at moment after I haven't had it for a year. And thinking why have I forgot this little gem. Therefore how do you ladies...
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    Any females on here wanting to share experience with steroids?

    <p>Hello to all females interested in serious or even  recreational weightlifting!</p> <p>I would be happy to hear whats you favorite compound to cycle and why. Also what dosage do you usually need in regards to using turinabol or anavar?? I seem to need pretty high dosages, and was wondering...
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    Halotestin curious....

    <p>Hi ya all! I would like to know more about your experience with halotestin.</p> <p> There' are some threads online but not giving much picture really. Have you ever tried it? If yes whats results are like? Is it more like turinabol or rather more like dianabol or anadrol? What dosage have you...
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    Mixing your own or buy a ready made?

    <p>Hey guys. I decided to pay a bit more attention to my " around workout" time nutrition. Especially the time after . There was a time when after workout I had immediately a weight gainer aminoacids and vitamin c. The 2 last one are not a concern really but my weight gain powder started to be a...
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    Hello :)

    <p>I decided to join this site after it ( you guys) helped me to find a great source. By reading your feedback and reviews I was able to make a right choice without losing my time and money. Huge thank you for that. </p> <p>Anyhow, I'm a female who's very much into weightlifting and brakes...