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    Finished cycle

    Hello, So I took my last pin of Test E 2 weeks ago. Still feeling good and horny most days. Should I wait a little longer before starting my PCT?
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    Lost libido

    So I’m now on week 10 of my Test E only cycle and I’ve lost my libido completely. Don’t wanna have sex with my GF, where as a couple weeks ago I wanted it every day. What’s going on?
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    Hi, So today when I pulled the needle out of my glute a load of blood come out but the sleeping pretty much stopped instantly. Is there a chance some of my Test would have come out too?
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    Test E effect

    How many weeks till you feel effects on Test E?
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    Injection amount

    So I’m going to run 500mg test per week 2x 250ml injections. The question is how much ml do I need to get 250ml out of the vial. The vial is 300mg per ml so how much ml do I need for 500mg
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    Hormonal panel test

    Hi, has anyone in the UK had their levels checked in the UK by their local GP before they started a cycle?
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    First cycle

    Hi all, So im 24 years old, 5.10ft, weight is 85kg sitting, around 12/13% body fat. I’ve been serious about the gym for the last 8 years solid, it’s what I live for everyday, I rarely miss a day! I will soon be starting my first Testosterone enanthate cycle and I want to share the experience...