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    What happen to my status on here?

    I'm showing up a s a new member. All the friends are removed. smdh
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    I've got a bottle thats a few years old I'm not sure of

    I have a couple bottles of Slik Oil Test cyp Dec combo both compounds are in the same bottle. The only dose information is on the bottom and it reads DecaCyp 550 on the bottom. Anyone familar with these and know how much of each compound is in each cc? Thanks for any help fellas
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    High Carb, Low Carb and Keto debate

    <p>You have 3 hours to learn about High Carb, Low Carb and Keto debate then here you go. </p><p> </p><p></p>
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    TRT update

    <p>TRT EMERGENCY PLEASE HELP!!!  Just kidding suprisingly my balls have only shrank about 10-20 percent. </p><p>So I got bloods back from a steady run of  about 140 mg of Test Cyp and 100 mg of Primo a week.  Very conservative but as long as I'm healing from my workouts and making some gains and...
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    Keto Doc on Netflix

    <p>I know the Ketogenic diet has been discussed on here and I want to add this to it but I can't find a thread and I gotta get to work.   Anyway Netflix has a documentary and for once its a doc on nutrition thats not by nutty vegans.   It's called The Magic Bullet</p><p> </p><p>also Rogan having...
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    experimenting with estrogen balance.

    <p>I found out some months ago what happens to my emotional state when my estrogen is crashed.  It was 2 and I was having a very bad time with anxiety and intrusive thoughts.   I've been wary to start an AI again.</p><p>  High estrogen levels may be the biggest culprit in causing prostate cancer...
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    Post Injection Pain and Primobolin

    <p>I've included 150 mg Primo a week with my Test C TRT protocol.  I certainly noticed PIP with the previous brand but this new brand is very painful starting the following day lasting until 4-5 days after and the muscle feels kind of stiff.  Ive done two injections both in my thighs.  With both...
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    Top 10 lessons

    <p>I'm just cutting and pasting this but I certainly learned some important things and hope you guys might as well</p><p> </p><p>Here's 41 pages of notes taken from 22 podcasts/interviews/seminars from 3 leading strength and conditioning coaches: Stan Efferding, Matt Wenning, and Charles...
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    Peptides and DATBTrue made the New York Times today

    <p>This might be of interest. </p><p>DATBtrue has been a major player and source of information about peptides </p><p> </p><p> </p><p></p>
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    Stimulation of Collagen Synthesis by the Anabolic Steroid Stanozolo

    <p>This is news to me its especially important to us older farts.   Dosent matter how strong your muscle are if your joints and tendons are weakened  </p><p></p><p> </p>
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    Vitamin D

    <p> </p><p>Vitamin D is a great supplement particularly in the winter months when we get less sun</p><p><a class="title may-blank loggedin " tabindex="1" href="" rel="" data-event-action="title"...
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    cognitive-enhancing effects of a.a.s

    <p><span class="kwd-text"><span class="kwd-text"> There are many reported positive and negative mental sides for steroids and they vary so much from person to person.  I Thought this was interesting enough to share.  <br /></span></span></p><p><span class="kwd-text">Chronic administration of...
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    anxiety issue

    <p><br />Its been slow on here so I’ll share my problem with you all and hope you can shed some light. <br />Forgive my grammar and disorganization writing this has me cursing in frustration but I’m gittin r done. <br /><br />So Ive been on an overdosed Test Cypionate since May 10th my first...
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    Could androgens maintain specific domains of mental health in aging men by preserving hippocampal neurogenesis?

    Could androgens maintain specific domains of mental health in aging men by preserving hippocampal neurogenesis? <p>From what I gather it is inconclusive I read only the intro and colluding remarks</p>
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    Searchable peptide research library of DatBtrue's research

    <p>Register for the <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> forum and then "Request access to the peptide research library group" so that you can login to this private group.</p>
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    Got my bloods back....

    <p>Before I started my T was 559 and free T was 2.1%  and estradiol was 24</p><p>after 11 weeks of 75 mg twice a week : my T is at 1280 and Free T at 266.6</p><p>My estradiol high at  at 85!  how should I go to get that lower?  This would explain the acne Ive been getting</p><p>Should I lower my...
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    Bulletproof Your Shoulders

    <p>Shoulders, this might not be anything new to most of you but after having a shoulder injury sideline me for a year I've learned the value and frailty of this incredibly important joint.   We've got be diligent to keep our shoulders working for us.  I thought this was a very well done video on...
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    Lab Corp is lowering the reference range for testosterone

    <p>Talk about lowering the bar,  these new measurements are reflecting a more overweight and less active society. </p><p>as it says in the artical ....</p><p>.....the new range “reflects a difference in average subjects with higher...
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    Notifications have stopped

    <p>So....I need to change my email address. Gmail has completely stopped messages from MG its not even going into the spam anymore.   So Ive got a encrypted protomail account now and would like to use it for MG. I'm afraid I'll do something wrong and get locked out of my MG account.  Is it as...
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    Chosing sources

    <p>I'm wondering about sources why do people go with smaller suppliers?  Isn't there less knowledge about them and they have less to lose if the product is no good for some reason?  What about pharma vs. UGL,  large UGL's often make their own products that are widely used and discussed so that...