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  1. Outlawthing


    <p>damn it's like I died or something come back home and feel like i need to reintroduce been gone a while for those who know and for all who don't  glad be back  life took me away for a moment I hope i have created enough breathing room to participate again !! </p>
  2. Outlawthing

    To my family

    <p>I just want to apologize to my family here at the mg I have  not been active lately  and I miss you guys greatly  as you guys know I am in the middle of a special event Jarhead strong apl  and I missed you bday calm I think  to all my new pals as well SWOLESAM Sharon burr siempre and the rest...
  3. Outlawthing

    What happened to forum guys ?

    <p>dang fellows I been trying to catch up on events because I been super busy. And it seems like nobody is talking in forums just on ask and discuss ..... whats the dillie yo?</p>
  4. Outlawthing

    To supplement or not to supplement

    <p>ok so I wanna gear what supps you think are most benificial. Let's say if you could only use  5 which five would you use  or maybe give me your top 10 that you just couldn't go with.  Which ones do you think are legit and which ones are bunk </p>
  5. Outlawthing

    Calling Dolf and sieg where ya at

    <p>DOLF ....SIEG  where you guys at ?? Been missing you hope all is well on the Homefront  Family and health   dont make us get a mob together and come to castle milkenstien with torches and pitchforks to get ya !!!!!</p>
  6. Outlawthing

    Hgh test

    <p>Ok fellows I want to know which is best test for hgh. The ten iu test or the igf test gonna get my second test next week  also what is best timing  1.5 hr 3 hr post injection  I want to make sure I get it right   </p>
  7. Outlawthing

    On cycle habits

    <p>So what kind of habits do you guys notice on cycle only you know changes I the way you do things during the day   I have noticed today fuck has been my word of choice and i generally don't cuss a lot.  ( hard to believe as vulgar as I am) lol  I also have pretty much gave up shaving my beard...
  8. Outlawthing


    <p>sry bout my typing lately brothers ( not that it was great to begin with ) but having glitches  i only use my iPhone and this is about the only site I go to so I don't know if it's phone or site any body havin issues  how bout you fizzle  you use iPhone too ?!</p>
  9. Outlawthing

    Slin sickle

    <p>ok so I'm new to the whole hgh hcg thing I know how to mix it and keep refridgerated after. I drew some hgh into some pins and put it in my lunch box and well it froze me being stingy I let it thaw and took it any way  two 4iu pins  I took them both that day instead of my normal 4 iu. I still...
  10. Outlawthing

    Deca shut down

    <p>if deca shuts you down hard if you are trt your shit is already shut down right so does it still hurt you I mean can't be shut down twice right? My body can't make test any more on its on even stimulating lh and fsh still will not make test to any amount worth saying it worked  so what you...
  11. Outlawthing

    Mixing hgh and peptides

    <p>can anybody see a problem with pulling my hgh  and ghrp and no dac in same slin pin to take in one shot  twice a day   or should I keep them separate  going through a lot of  pins per day  any input welcome guys </p>
  12. Outlawthing

    Crashed prolactin

    <p>you here about high prolactin but never heard any thing about crashed prolactin is it even possible and does it even matter </p>
  13. Outlawthing

    Aas and appetite

    <p>So which aas effects your appetite  up or down? </p><p>For me dbol npp  will turn me into an eating machine test does increase appetite for me but I can maintain diet.  contrary to me eq doesn't effect it at all  tbol didn't seem to bother it either   So which is which for you guys </p>
  14. Outlawthing

    Ghrp2 or 6

    <p>what is the difference between the two is one better than other  can they be ran together    what dose do you guys prefer what is your exp with the two </p>
  15. Outlawthing

    End of my rope

    <p>well I'm pretty bummed out pissed off sad upset  so went to see another doctor like fifth one  about my fertility issues  so me and the wife can do invetro i can't find a doctor that will give me hcg with my trt to see if it will bring numbers up enough for  invetro</p><p>they all want to...
  16. Outlawthing

    Thanks guys

    <p>hey just want to thank our awsome mods  for taking care of the troll that popped up  you guys sent him packing on the ban bus Back to his bridge....  Troll you know who you are </p>
  17. Outlawthing


    <p>so after talking with some of you guys about trt dose  I have changed mine to see what would happen I was on 200mg per week test levels where 1100+ but estro was out of range high so I changed it up to 125mg e5d   with adex .25 day of shot and .50 three days after</p><p> got first bloods back...
  18. Outlawthing

    From the start

    <p>So who was the first member here on mg or members or for that matter the creator of this ever growing community  milken ?</p>
  19. Outlawthing

    Alkalize or die

    <p>Ok fellows a recent post has brought something to my attention. That I am totally oblivious to this acid thing  I know your body has a ph level but how does this play a role here  enlighten me gurus !!!!!! </p>
  20. Outlawthing

    What do you do

    <p> this may be too personal of a question but what do you guys do for a living me  Im mechanic do a lot of fleet management also i used to be a fire fighter now I just volunteer also work the family farm i figure a couple of you guys are movie stars or professional  athletes not regular joes </p>