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  1. HGH Daddy

    Serostim 6mg

    i already know that pharmacy is the best quality. i was just wondering where you're getting it from. I can already help you with pharmacy, that's okay.
  2. HGH Daddy

    Serostim 6mg

    where do you get this product from, man?
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  4. HGH Daddy


    you are looks clever buddy :)
  5. HGH Daddy


    dude, you're saying you still can't find it. what more do we have to tell you. just look ;)
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    we definitely have it, we are here ;)
  7. HGH Daddy

    need help from experienced cycle of 2 types

    you can use all steroids my friend
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    Sup gurus!

    Welcome on board !
  9. HGH Daddy

    Choosing a source tips

    i hope you can easily find the source you are looking for, my friend ;)
  10. HGH Daddy

    TRT and dosage, gyno, decreased libido

    I recommend using estrofem as an estrogen.
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    yes you are absolutely allright my friend
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    Assistance need in Australia

    hello my friend ı can help to you . pls dm me
  13. HGH Daddy

    Testoviron, vs durateston - sustanon

    you can use organon sustanon. it is a quality product.
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    You should use high-quality pharmaceutical product HGH, man.
  15. HGH Daddy

    Test prop Tren ace and Mast prop advice

    Certainly clen can be very harmful to the heart. you can try ventolin, which is safer.
  16. HGH Daddy

    FIrst Cycle, Checklist and shopping List

    As hCG, there is choriomon on the market, I can recommend it. use pharmacy products.
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    I am new to this forum

    brother, it would be better for your health to use pharma products. yes, the ladder is expensive compared to substandard products, but human health is not cheap. that's why I recommend using pharmacy GH and arimidex.
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    it's okay if you use pharma grade arimidex and GH. but if you use products under the stairs, do not think about why there was a problem.
  19. HGH Daddy

    Test prop Tren ace and Mast prop advice

    Absolutely, man. it's all about seeing what's in front of you!
  20. HGH Daddy

    Test prop Tren ace and Mast prop advice

    I mean, you can find what you're looking for about the test, the train, the mast here. ;)