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LGD cycle! PCT, SERM, Dosages and length?

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    LGD cycle! PCT, SERM, Dosages and length?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm 25, 175cm and 78kg @ 13-16% bodyfat. Have been lifting for 9 years now(not consistently).

    I'm thinking of researching LGD-4033 to put on some 5 kg of lean mass. Is this even possible?

    First question: What dosages do you prefer? I see many people suggesting 5mg a day.

    Second question: How long should it be run. I think the general opinion is 8-12 weeks.

    Third question: Is it a good idea to run Clomid alongside the LGD to mitigate suppression? I've seen some posts on Reddit where people have done it and the suppression was not as bad. Can I run LGD 5mg/day + Clomid 25-50mg/day for 12 weeks?

    Fourth question: What type of blood-work panel should I get? I don't have much money to get an extensive panel so I'll have to cut it down to the essentials!

    Fifth question: Is PCT required? If so at what dosages and length for Clomid? I only have Clomid on hand.


    Many thanks to anyone who can help. I want to do this safely.


    First, I am happy that you are not just jumping straight into using gear at 25 years old. 5kg  (11 pounds) of loyal, lean mass in 8 to 12 weeks on SARMs is not  going to happen. 

    1. I am not sure on what the best dose is for LGD. Someone else might have an opinion on this.

    2. Since its very mild, I am sure you could run it for a long time without any issues. I often think that companies use the "8-12 weeks" to look like its similar to steroids. Even the name that companies give it sounds like a steroid (-drol) Lol

    3. IF there is any meaningful suppression, clomid might not be a bad idea, or nolva

    4. You could get a free and total testosterone test. I think on privatemdlabs the test runs about $70



      I've never heard of LGD, looks interesting



        Let us know if you run the LGD. Very curious to hear your results.