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    Here is a list of notes I took on T3 from a few other websites, basically a bullet point outline. I attempted to post this a week or two ago, but it just disappeared. So here is the second go at it. The formulas given are for ballpark figures, they are not written in stone

    1. To counteract the catabolic effect of T3 use this formula to ascertain the minimum amount of testosterone dose

                     T3 X 5 = mg of test/week.    (ex. 50mcg T3 X 5 = 250mg Test/Week)

    2. Take first thing in the morning

    3. Iron and calcium negatively affect absorption of T3 (no milk with your coffee; don't eat for about an hour)

    4. Start at 25mcg for one week and ramp up from there to 50mcg thru week three, then to 75mcg. 100mcg is the maximum

    5. Taper using 12.5 (or 6.25) for 2-3 weeks to allow for natural T3 to rebound

    6. Boosts TDEE: 

                   T3 X 10 = increase in TDEE.    (ex. 25mcg X 10 = 250 calorie increase in TDEE. Thus, if your TDEE is 3000 cal/day, it becomes 3250)

    7. First week or two, the weight lost is mostly water. Thereafter, fat. Can lose up to 3 lbs per week when diet is dialed in. You can gauge whether diet is effective by doing morning weigh ins. If weight loss is on par, then diet is correct (about a 1/4 to 1/3 pound per day)

    8. For contest prep, discontinue use one month before the contest.

    9. Consume at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight to mitigate the catabolic effect of T3.

    10. L-carnitine has an inhibitory effect on T3 (and T4) cellular uptake. 

    11. Half life: 10 hours 


    Thanks for sharing Blaster. +3 for the effort put into your research. Did you run across any information about checking body temperature?





      I did come across the notion of taking body temperature. However, the article that gleaned most of bullet points from, dismissed taking ones temperature since most who take T3 for fat loss are also using aas. The author pointed out that aas often skews any result since body temp is often raised by certain compounds, e.g., tren. So, I didn't make any mention of using body temp as a gauge. I'll dig around more at some point to see if I can find a different view on the matter. 



        Have you seen the studies that show L-carnitine reduce the effectiveness of T3? EwjQwP_H08XYAhUoyoMKHUX4AaUQFggzMAE&usg=AOvVaw1Bjn BMYCrFouxQpz9BzTYg



          Now I have Another reason to take T3 on an empty stomach I suppose. After skimming the article (that piece was quite heady so to speak, so I glanced over the hard stuff, looking at first sentence/last sentence of the paragraphs that seemed pertinent), I gleaned from it that T3 and T4 are reduced in target cells from 10-20%, which is quite a bit, especially when, I believe, that only roughly 63% of an orally administered dose becomes bio-available. 



            Just figured I'd throw that out there since many combo pack vitamins come with carnatine. My current one does.



              I added it to the list. Thanks D



                Yes sir I saw that


                  Interesting and informative thread. Thanks for that!


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