40mg clen 25mg T3 cycle for weight loss

I’m using a life line here to ask the audience cuz I like the odds better than a 50/50 chance. This post is for advise on a safe and affective T3 clen cycle for my gf, I just ordered the gear not 5 min ago after discussing it for weeks, I run gear myself currently closing out a 16wk cycle with
600mg tren E/wk
600mg mast E/wk
750mg test E/wk
20mg nolvadex day
700mg HCG/wk
That’s just where I’m at… my gf on the other hand is currently 70lbs over weight, not even selling it she’s a beautiful girl so naturally the weight gain is affecting her so I brought the option of fat burners to the table and decided t3/clen is her best option especially due to the fact she’s had thyroid issues in the past. This is unfamiliar territory for me considering I’m currently at 10% body fat (not bragging)
Can someone please pitch me a safe cycle for her to run the 2 simultaneously? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated 🤜🏻💥🤛🏻
Thanks I’m advance


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She's really beautiful. Not sure why you posted her photo though, but thanks, really gorgeous.
as for T3/Clen. Well, if she had thyroid issues I would check her T3 first. If it's low, then adding Liothyronine T3 is definitely going to help. Moreover, i wouldn't add two new compounds at a time. What if she gets side effects? You wouldn't know it's T3 or Clen causing it.
Safe cycle for T3 is starting at about 25 mcg/day and may increase slowly by 12.5 mcg-25 mcg once every 1-2 weeks. Do not exceed 12 weeks length. Better 8 weeks. and a dosage of 75 mcg/day for a woman is really big. 50 mcg/day should be really helpful, even 25 mcg/day will be.
as about Clen:
there are numerous options. It can be a simple one: starting at 10 mcg/day and increasing by 10 mcg/day every week until can't tolerate it anymore or up to 8 weeks (80 mcg/day by that time).
Both are compounds that are working like stimulants though so be extremely careful with one of them, let alone stacking them both. Moreover, many people tend to titrate down the dosage for the last 1-2 weeks to make easier "withdrawal".