50 year old new cycle


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Hi. I’m new here. I’m 50 years old 6’ 230 lbs. I’m looking for relatively mild cycle to harden up. I haven’t cycled in a long time. Only experience was test dbol and anadrol

im prone to blood pressure but under control with meds

i was thinking test and primo

any help in best cycle would be appreciated


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At 50 years old your body has lost most of its tetosterone.. you should definitely take 500 mgs of test a week for your first cycle. I would not touch anything else your first time around!! If someone tells you different they are just trying to sell you shit! You need to see how your body will react on just test, you might be happy with the results from test only... it does wonders for a 50 year old, your Libido will go through the roof! I mean ban... you will be one horney MOFO, so its a good thing you wil start getting that body you wished you had... It made me feel like a new man and thats no bullshit, I had 20 year old chicks hitting on me... anyway just hit me up on our site or message and ill hook you up with what yu need my friend!