A bit confused about dosage


I have a 300mg vial of cyponate. My dosage recommendation is between
120-150ccs weekly. One guy told me this vial should last 10 weeks. Is that correct?
Isn't 1 vial of 300mg equal to 300cc? So that would only be 2 weeks supply?


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No, you're recommend dosage is 120-150mg

Its 300mg per ml (cc, but we don't use cc around here)
So you would take .5ml or 150mg every week. That would make the 10ml vial last 20 weeks.
Don't worry everyone struggles with cycle-vial math at first.


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Indeed, most vials come as 10 ml and 300 mg is per ml. This means that your entire vial contains 3000 mg. If you use 150 mg/week, that would last 20 weeks (3000 mg/150 mg= 20 weeks)