Acid reflux


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There is a product that I take, prescribed by my GP to protect my stomach from certain pills, acid reflex. Essentially, this cap coats your stomach and protects the lining of the stomach. It works wonders with harsher products like anadrol, dbol, etc. it’s called sucralfate and it works wonders in protecting your gut. If you take any kind of pill prescribed by your doctor, you might be able to request this pill to protect you from acid reflex and other gut issues related to anabolics. Certain oils can also cause acid reflex. Check that and try switching to another oil (same product(s)) but perhaps, a different brand.
As a final note, the biggest mistake I’ve made since starting juicing many years ago was not taking enough precautions with my gut. I didn’t really understand how powerful these products were at that time…and off course, we are mostly buying from UGLs and some products might have more heavy metals and impurities than other brands. All of this can contribute to acid reflex. By the way, acid reflex was my first symptom before I was diagnosed with IBS-D. Also use a good probiotic or gut product. I like to use Purova Immune. It’s the best (in my humble opinion) gut natural product available. It’s pricy at $30 plus for 180 caps. This product saved me and without it I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. Don’t take this lightly Bobby. Also, make sure you’re using or drinking lemon water or add apple cider vinagre (2-3 tablespoons) 2-3 times per day to 8 ounces of water. It will put your body in an alkaline state (healthy state). An acidic body is bad and cancer can only survive in that state but never in an alkaline body.