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So I always had bacne in my early 20's. Top that with a little sauce in my mid and it got out of control.

I was able to totally get rid of it with accutane at around 26 and haven'th a problem with it since until recently.

I've been running a low range dose of maintenance T for a couple of months and off or on the last year when it started showing back up slowly.

So what can I do? Can anyone in box me if you know where accutane is now? Haven't looked but also haven't seen in a while. Known now as isotretinoin, the generic version.

Had extreme amounts of stress lately(mom died over the holidays and tryingh to handle all that goes with that) That's the only other reason I can think made it reappear?

What do you guys think? I thought accutane permanently shrunk/shut sebacious glands? is that right?

Anyway thanks for any insight as always.

Tomorrow is always a new day and Monday is always leg day.



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I thought that same thing, But after using accutane it worked for about 5 years and now im getting acne again as well!!! so it must not be forever!!! Hit me up /... PM me and I can help you out brother!


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Windex, yes I said it windex. Not out of the bottle.
2 cup fills for every cup take shower spray face before bed, back etc. Than again in the morning after shower..


If you can look up all vegetables with vitamin A and try a natural way first. Top source has it I bought there for years. Some people say tea tree oil works. Sorry about your Mom Dunbar.


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Accutane is toxicAF!!!! I wouldn't do that route. Just join a tanning salon & burn the fuckers off! I also get less acne when I add lots of Macadamian nut oil to all my foods. It works for me somehow! Sorry for your loss bud🙏