Almost full eight weeks before/after


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I have been running 500mg of test-e and am on my 8th week. I have been pretty pleased with results, was thinking I would gain a little more. I know part of my problem is I don’t eat as healthily as I should, but I am intaking 250 plus grams of protein each day. I also don’t get quite enough sleep. I have ordered some Clen to try and cut some fat (I have gained 22 pounds and I know it’s not all muscle), starting very low and just see what happens. My personal best bench has increased by 60 pounds… quite happy with that. Also, my wife has stated that I am looking “quite beastly” so that’s all that really matters😁

A couple side by sides from May 1 and June 21, pre gear is left current is right.

Dammit, says photos are too large, let me figure this out.


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Send the photos to yourself on Facebook messager, then save the photos to your phone from there. That's what I have to do

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yeah, it decreases the resolution
awesome results man! as long as your wife is happy, it means a lot!