Anabol vs. Dianabol vs. Superdrol


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This one reason I appreciate you man because you give my thoughts a voice and it seems you can help me head in the right direction.
I respond fairly well to compounds it seems.
I'd like to show you some before and after shots.
One thing is tho, I want to try something aside from deca....just not sure what, besides tren or eq....would work as a bulking agent.
I don't plan on using orals much...I like the dbol...still not convinced I'm gonna go past dbol.
I'm just in limited means right now. Can I give you a ring in about an hour?
Absolutely, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to do no oral, and add some mast to the mix.


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jesse you can take 40mg dbol everyday not just on days as a preworkout just keep at most, 6 weeks.