Anavar/test/clen cycle


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I would stay away from clen.
You're already 11% bf. The laundry list of side effects of clen, and the 3 that directly affects your heart... is it really worth it for that extra % or 2 you might get?

If you've been on trt for a while I would just bump the test to 300mg for 10 weeks and anavar 40mg every day for the last 4 weeks.
Keep your calories under 3,000 per day, 300g of protein and lots of water.
That will absolutely get you too "cut"


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What does the water do to help get cut?

Well replacing water with all the poison people normally drink. If you're not a normal water drinker and drink soda, juice, sports drinks ect. Replacing all that junk with water will absolutely help you lose weight. because of drinking sugar and empty calories... you're drinking clean water.
Replacing that poison with water can also drastically reduce joint pain, inflammation, back pain, cramps and swelling and lower blood pressure.