Hello fellas I am not new to gear been on trt for over almost 2 years plus blasting and cruising for a year now I just started anavar for the first time any help with this cycle would help not tring run it super high around about 40 a day spilt 20m twice a day in morning and preworkout been on it for a week now just like to what to expect I heard all of thing but thats why I come here for the info thanks in advs


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I did 8 weeks of Var in the summer for the first time. Ran as high as 80mg/day. No test though.

Strength and size gains were significant for a person who has been natty their whole lives.
I couldn't sleep so I took Nydol.
In week 8 I started to retain a lot of water and started swelling. Insane pumps. Perfect time to come down.
I used 100 mg of Chlomid a day to come down. I experienced 3 full days of lethargy and was unable to concentrate.
I am super happy. Had my blood done 2 weeks after I finished covid, I bounced back well. Doc found no sign of steroids or reduced natural test.
I kept enough size and strength.