Any advice to a new first time dad??!


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having my first (boy) tommorriw (cross fingers touch wood)

But stressed tbh. Any of you blokes have aby sage advice on getting thriugh this ie bext 48-72 hours?

Not bothering you blokes for a manual or anything, just any tips/do'/dont's/experiences during period day before during and day after deluvery. Mrs Oakley is having a C-section (bc it's a MASSIVE baby, naturally lol).

I'm a bit rubbish with this stuff. I'm not a complete dill, have bags packed, dr booked, just stressin!!!!

Seeking any tips mates or even just a laugh Lol.  Please.





The first one is the scariest! Just be supportive and patient with your wife because she's 10 times more stressed, scared, and worried than you. Congrats, and cherish every moment because they grow up fast!




And yes be by her side make her comfortable and try to keep her calm and relaxed just try to focus on her and you will get your mind off of you being stressed cause exp a c section her nerves are really shot right now and and keep asking her if she needs anything and keep thinking of your baby boy will be here in no time I have 2 sons my oldest will be 3 in Dec and my youngest is 1 year and 5 months old and it's the greatest thing in the world to be a father and good luck brother everything will be OK and will work out great for you 




Also, it's natural. We're made to procreate, our instincts guide us. It's the medical establishment thats made it scary. When your baby is born, let your heart do the leading, it's the best thing ever,to witness the birth of your child, to hold your own boy or girl close to you. Support the mother, hold her. It's the most wonderful thing. My daughter is everything to me, and I'll never forget that day :)




Congrats brother..... My advice... Do everything in your power to be a part of the Lil ones life. Protect with all you have. And cherish the one that went through the labor. I see a lot of "making" babies and people don't realize the special gift they have just received. Because of the life and career I chose my wife and kids were taken. She fell into the mainstream media and religion which convinced her that I'm a killer, and would kill her. So she took my kids and fled. And till this day I couldn't tell you what they look like, feel like, smell like. I missed bd, graduation...etc. It hurts and it hurts on top of what I have done. So always, always appreciate the gift you have been given, protect that gift and the giver with your life.....



Cause it can be taken in a blink of an eye.