Any NY Knicks fans (or just nba?) Fans up in here?


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or even just nba fan??

How do you see the Knicks this year? Taking into account inevitable injuries I'll be dissapointed if they still don't make the first rnd playoffs. 7 or 8 seed.

Jennungs is looking like a GREAT pickup and if Zingis can maje some reasonable 2nd year improvements and Melo plays 75% of what he showed at the Olympics I reckon we'll get there.

Any thiughts?

If you're not a kincks fan who do you support in nba and where do you see them ending up this season?


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My brother, your hope for this team brings tears to my eyes. It's been difficult being a Knicks fan. No other team has let me down so much.

The question this year, for me, is how many games will Derrick Rose actually play?



I try to avoid too much emotional investment into this team anymore. It's too much for me. I've had a rough year with baseball and my football team is showing their usual inconsistency again.



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hey bro glad to meet another knicks fan. We gotta stick together, like a support group or somethibg lol.

been a die hard NYK fan since 1990. G wikins. Kenny Sky Walker, Mark Jax. All the way through the basketbrawl gliory years and the Ewing trade that's cursed us for the last 1.5 decades..... Whatca shit show of a team over that time. Just brutal.

I hear ya on Rose. personally I think as much or more rides with Noah. So thin up front, yet the way B Jen is playing he could be a decent starter WHEN Rose goes down.. SobNoah's gonna have to play decent and at least 60 or so games or it's another dog crap season for the knicks.


personalky would loce to concince mello to agree to a trade and build arounf kristaps. Won't happen, but this guy is straigh GOLD. May recolutionise the gane, the first high level stretch FIVE! 


Urgh, back to reality for me now. Lol.