Any one use Waxy Maize ?




Waxy maize is said to be far more superior than regular carbs. Made form corn startch, it's an easier and faster way to replentish carbs post workout.

I have tried it in the past and really did'nt take too much away from it. A few of the gym rats swear it helps with the absorbption of post workout supplements but.

Anyone have any experience with thus stuff  thst they would like to share?




I prefer UCAN super starch over waxy maize. Waxy maize is "claimed" to absorb much faster than dextrous or maltodextrin but research has proven this to be incorrect. In fact some research even points to WM as being a very poor carb to use pre, during, or post training. The good news is that you blood glucose levels will be lower than the more popular dextrous and maltodextrin.

In my opinion super starch is superior to waxy maize from the scientific stand point. I am not suggesting WM will not restore muscle glycogen. I am just stating the information available does not prove it to be more effective than anything else in this regard.

Starches in general do not assist in the absorptions of other nutrients that it would be noticeable by the user. Carbs serve a specific purpose in the body- fuel for the brain and muscle energy storage and I have never came across any information concerning it assisting in other nutrient(s) uptake or assisting in absorption that it could be considered relevant.

I am no expert but I just wanted to share the little that I know about the subject.



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We used to use waixy maize a lot in the past but we have switched over to something superior in my view, Cyclic Dextrin.


I use pure glucose. You can purchase it at a store that supplies beer brewing supplies or amazon (of course). Its what the body uses as it primary source of energy, so why not just use it?