Anyone ever taken a mouth swab drug test while on test C ?

Hey just needing some info and hoping one of you brothers has been there before me ??? Im on Test C and turns out im going to have to do a mouth swab drug test that i wasnt expecting... I have been doing my research online and all signs point to it being all good. im literally not even taking any inhibitors or anything at this point just the Test C but im just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with this. They mouth swab your cheek until the test applicator is saturated then put it in a vile to be sent to the lab. This is not for a job...if ya know what im saying....and i know some of you dudes have been where ive been so i thought theres a poss that someone has gone before me... any info would be highly appreciated. Thanks !
hey thanks for getting back to me bros ! fuck yeah man i have taken the standard piss in a cup pee tests and its alllllll goooood :) im just trippin a little bit because its this fuckin mouth swab. which in all actuality is less effective that any other test as far as detection times but they send it to a lab so thats why im kinda bugged out. either way its not like the lab tests the sample for every single possible test they can they simply test for the panel which is obviously going to be street drugs not aas but of course im noid and just wanted to check with you bros
You're good man. Most definitely. I've taken many and passed all of them. Even ones sent to labs rather than instant cup tests. Just don't smoke crack cause crack is whack! Definitely piss hot too.
Okay man thanks alot ! crack even durring cutting cycles ? Im messin with ya ! Thanks for the advice brotha


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As a manager, and a lot of friends who make bad life decisions I have a little bit of knowledge with this stuff. I see the question has been answered, but I can go into a little more detail.

So when you're going for a drug "test" for probation or a job they give you a drug screen.
These are usually different "panels". a 1 panel drug test can be bought at the dollar store to see if your kid is on the pot.
A 3 panel drug screen is usually weed, opiates and meth.
They have 4,5,... up to 32 panel.
The higher the panel the more they look for and the more they cost!
A lot of restaurants that drug test do a 5-8 panel, probation usually do a 12 -15panel (usually around $150)
I know lots of people on the suboxone program who pass drug tests because the tests they take simply don't screen for that particular compound.
Also why opiates wont show up on a screen that looks for opioids. (Yes they are different)
But as far as I know there isn't any panel drug screen that's testing for drugs and steroids at the same time.
Most places of business just don't care enough to spend the money to find out. Testing for steroids is really expensive.

But... here's the big but, your p.o can. Will he/her? Doubtful, but if they think you're on gear they absolutely can. So if you walk in at 6ft 160lbs and 4 months later you're 210lbs... and you have a douche p.o looking to bust you for anything... they can absolutely do it.


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Absolutely! They can definitely test for whatever they want, however, it is a very involved process and alot of paperwork for the PO if they want to add in other drugs to the test. This is why you rarely see it happen. Like AJ said though if your PO is gunning for you then they may not care about all the paperwork and steps it takes.


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Some are just dicks... others are pretty cool and genuinely want to help.
But yeah they have to suspect it in order to test. You never just randomly screened for gear for jobs or probation.