Anyone use Wes Watson's meal plan while on TRT or low dose test?


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I'm curious if anyone has any experience using the Wes Watson recipe worksheet? It was a standard sales funnel and there is a whole coaching thing I"m not that into. I'm just looking for the recipes that someone already took the time to curate and I can buy the stuff and cook, and hit the gym and grow.

I'm @ 195lbs and out of shape, Its a 60 day recipe program, I'm curious if someone has done something similar and how you felt during the day. Were you like... oh my god I need to snickers diva smash a hamburger right now. Or were you feeling good? Not too hard to get through the day? I'm curious how my appetite will change on test cyp @ .1ml/ every 4 days. I'm just trying to get my stats back to baseline, nothing crazier.