Anyone use Wes Watson's meal plan while on TRT or low dose test?


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I'm curious if anyone has any experience using the Wes Watson recipe worksheet? It was a standard sales funnel and there is a whole coaching thing I"m not that into. I'm just looking for the recipes that someone already took the time to curate and I can buy the stuff and cook, and hit the gym and grow.

I'm @ 195lbs and out of shape, Its a 60 day recipe program, I'm curious if someone has done something similar and how you felt during the day. Were you like... oh my god I need to snickers diva smash a hamburger right now. Or were you feeling good? Not too hard to get through the day? I'm curious how my appetite will change on test cyp @ .1ml/ every 4 days. I'm just trying to get my stats back to baseline, nothing crazier.


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Personally, I think that dieting from certain people is not quite right in order to change your weight. Everyone's body is different and it's enough for someone to do much less in order to lose weight or gain weight. That's why it's not worth adjusting everyone to one diet. It seems to me that it is necessary to analyze the diets that famous nutritionists offer, based on this, you can make your own diet for you . This is the only way to achieve the desired results, because you need to understand your body in order to feel what it needs in order to look the way you need it.I wish everyone success in training.
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