Are you in need of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)



There are many symptoms for those who suffer from low testosterone. Low T can adversely affect your mental, physical, and sexual health. Although not life threatening it is unhealthy. The symptoms of Low T are:

Loss of Libido (partial or total loss)

Erectile Dysfunction  (unable to maintain or obtain an erection)

Decreased Ability to Focus




Low Energy 


Weakened Immune System

Loss of Muscle Mass (despite diet and exercise)

Loss of Strength (despite diet and exercise)

Increased Body Fat (despite diet and exercise) 

Loss of Focus

You probably only suffer from a few of these symptoms. Most likely you will definitely suffer from the sexual side affects of low t. As you ignore these symtoms you will more than likely start to suffer more and more symptoms. In today's day and age there is no need to suffer from low t with so many treatments that are simple to administer. If ignored low t can cause other problems such as:






Heart Disease

If you suffer from any of the symptoms of low t I urge you to see a doctor for treatment. If your doctor is unwilling to help then go to another doctor. More and more doctors are becoming educated about low t, but there are still some who refuse to get with the times and give low t the attention it merits. 

Getting your testosterone levels back to the normal range is definitely a lifestyle changing event that you will never regret. 




Please feel free to share your experience from going from low t to normal t levels for others to see.



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low t for me Is horrible  I'm irritated all the time tired don't want to do crap can't focus or cope with  daily issues that Arise  my body feels beat up and ache my jumk will still work but I have absolutley no urge to use it  my bp goes up too very emotional  we could go on and on  low t gives me zero quality of life  after i started trt and finally found a doctor that half way knew what was going on she didn't. Base my test dosages off the numbers only also how I felt  since beginning trt I have been motivated  at work got new job and several promotions  I wanna have sex so much the wifey gets mad cause I will not leave her thang alone:) I am focused and daily suprises don't bother me   I  am 36 doing a 20 year olds job  body recomp has been good  when diet is good before trt I could eat right and workout  and not gain any ground. If you think you have it go get checked simple test.  And it could change your life forever 




The cost vary depending on your insurance. It's one of those things you have to factor into your budget every month like you would car insurance, electric bill, or groceries. 

Hpl you should introduce yourself to the community and get active. We can help with anything from low t to diet and exercise. 




If you are not covered by insurance you can expect to spend about 2k per year



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im on trt myself for 5 years & few months now. Its the best decision i ever made. Here's my story for what its worth:

Symptoms i felt similar to outlawthing in addition to shitty sleep, but the thing that bothered me the most was the difficulty adding on muscle mass. It was very difficult even when i dotted my i's & crossed my t's diet in check sleep and workout regular. It seemed like i was pouring in a ton of effort & work and getting back almost nothing. I went to regular docs, and they draw blood & say "hmmm, your T is 280, not bad, its def in NORMAL range (range = 230-1100), see you next time". Thats the standard response. So i took matters in my own hands - my very early intro into Pro-hormones world.

I would go on 2-3 months stretchs with prohormones, and i would actually feel good relatively speaking compared to feeling shit with Low T, and added muscle mass & major strength in no time. The problem was when it was time to finish the cycle, a few weeks out, i would start seeing my gains disappear and feel like shit again, not knowing why (Low T hence cant support the muscle gains), i would jump into the next prohormone cycle in hopes of feeling good again & keeping and adding to my muscle gains. A few years of that, i transitioned from that to AAS , same reasoning but wanted added boost.

Finally, i figured out although this was working for my goals, i knew my health was in jeopardy because of the need to be on high doses of AAS all the time to feel good & maintain/add muscle mass. I decided to research HRT/TRT clinics, and i found a few clinics that checked out in my research with good reviews from people. Talked to some of them & enrolled into one so i can get the proper testing & approach this scientifically and not just throw a bunch of drugs into my system. 

Doc started me 1st on clomid only, 50 mg 6 days per week. Blood test in 4 weeks, my T was at 695. Drastic improvement. Estro was 45 (elevated) , but the doc said is to be expected since T is rising up fast, and the body is responding by aromatizing some of the T. I could see myself bloating some. Then doc added Anastrozole to the equation to control estro, and that decreased signs of elevated estro, and things good better. Then, added the T for more "feel good" and help in gym gains ofcourse at therapeutic levels max 950 mg Test/month, so less than 250 mg per week. He added each drug 1 at a time followed by blood draw, before deciding to add another - that was KEY to ensure if i get sides, i know what caused it, and also when adding another drug make sure it addressed the issue it was added for via blood work. 

Honestly, starting TRT saved my life in a way. Because at the time i refused to live feeling like crap & needed to make gains in gym, and at the time i figured running almost non-stop cycles back to back was the answer since heck it made me feel well and i see physique enhancements. That was wrong, and im glad i switched to TRT to get the feel good, keep muscle gains without jeopardizing my health, and doing it all in a Theraputic fashion.

currently i still do cycle AAS 2 times / year or so, but my main regimn is TRT hence im in no rush to hop back into any cycle. I can do pct and back into trt, and stay on trt as long as i want before deciding to hop into another cycle. Feeling healthy in SO many different ways (sleep, libido, focus, energy levels,...) & maintaining gains after cycles without needing to rush into another cycle was a LIFE CHANGER for me.

If you have any questions about reputable TRT clinics, or clinics i personally used, or TRT/HRT in general feel free to ask here or PM. 


Long post, but you should've known better, when a convo starts with "here's my story", you know its a long read ;)



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love the threads where we can raise awareness & give some guidance. If we can touch 1 person's life with postive advice & guidance in the right direction, it makes it all worth it!

Thanks for posting the thread Dolf.

Brothers in health & in wealth !



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Sam is right about sleeping too I sleep so good now I forgot to mention crappy sleep  

sounds like Sam found an excellent doc which is hard to do. I went through three to even get where I'm at now she will not mess with my estro so I use low dose aro on my own  but I have found that e5d injections keep my test around 1000 with minimal estro rise 



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1000 is excellent! How much T do you do a week for TRT that gets you to 1000? You also on HCG or clomid or any SERM?

btw, i hit 2 shitty clinics along the way of finding a real good clinic. one of the shitty clinics i ran into were basically a money drain, all about the money and didnt really care about patients. They wanted to push as much drugs on me as they can for astronomical fucking prices. Their regimn included T, HCG, Adex, Anavar, Deca, T3, and 1 more drug similar to ephedra that speeds up your heart ! If i wanted that i would go on a cycle on my own for a fraction of the price, and not need them. I needed more of an educated approach with focus on health, wellness & anti-aging. Needless to say, i dropped them fast.




So, I'm about 3-4 weeks out from completing my current cycle, then 4 weeks standard  pct. I'm 46 years old, and prior to the cycle before last (test only), i was experiencing many of the low t symptoms mentioned above. I do have a vial of cyp (cant remember the mg/ml).  i plan to get bloods done next week for the current cycle.  Then again post pct. Thinking of a  Trt cruise post pct. Don't have insurance. Any thoughts? Dont want lose what ive gained, nor go back to dull boring no sex dude. My gf, who 15 years younger than i, had loved the effects of the juice btw :)



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Go to your doctor and get him to check it tell him you feel like crap tired all the time don't wanna have sex and cranky also here is one of many private labs that you don't need a doc for




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If you had symptoms prior to cycling you most likely will compound those symptoms or at the very best return to the "old" self post cycle. Your experience with cycling has provided you with most of the knowledge to take the self prescribed route. Including regular blood work I spend less than $150/month over a course of a year. 

I went the MD route and settled on an ND but I pay all my meds out of pocket (UGL) because the insurance loop holes are pain and very intrusive. Ax's current special saved me 50% on a years supply of Test. ;)

Once you are off cycle and PCT complete get a full panel done ($250) and start from there. Those of us on TRT would be more than happy to review your labs and provide our advice and recommendations.





I would like to add to this discussion by divulging the fact that I am 26yrs old and TRT for the last 1.5yrs. I had many of the same symptoms that have been described. My T levels were in the low normal range but defiantly not where they should be for a otherwise healthy 26yr old active athlete. Since TRT and the help of at least one MG member my life and performance has greatly improved. For me the cost is minimal when you consider quality of life.

I also like to keep my T level in the 1000+/- range. I am able to do that with 180mgs of TestC per week. I have never been estrogen sensitive , even at 500mg/wk. I have not used UGL gear for TRT yet but based on the reviews of some of the sources available on MG I certainly would not hesitate to run it if the need arises.

If anyone is experiencing symptoms I personally would not put off digging deeper.




Thanks brother, I'll take your advice. Gotta luuuvv the Ax! Pure fire. Im already dreading being off cycle. I've not felt better than this in a looonnggg time! Tren did me good :)



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i take 125 mg of test e5d  that pushes my test levels to 1000. I tried 150 e5d but it pushed me to like 1500  i also take 1000iu of hcg 3 times per week and 50 mg of clomid per day I take 6.25 of aro e4d  keeps my estro around 30  any thing more will crash it  .... Haha funny story I been running low dose prop from a source here and my test levels went to 1700 free test was over 50  oops :)  gonna post some bloods later for him