AJ Rivers

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Hi there, I posted a thead a short time ago about my blood test results. In my 60's and in good shape my testosterone results came back at 1500 doing cypionate 200mg splitting the doses at 100mg twice a week. Even though I feel great, energetic, libido great too still my Dr suggested lowering my testosterone to 800-900, adding that I should take Arimidex to lower my my estrogen , and then start me on HGH when I finish the 10cc bottle of cypionate. She also suggested to instead or splitting the dose from 100mg twice per week to drop the dose to 70 twice a week for a total of 140mg per week. Any suggestions here I'd appreciated..

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As long as you're not into fitness needs but simply want to feel great, I would listen to dr.
and yeah, there's a high chance you would need arimidex at T level of 1500.
and what do you mean when you finish the bottle of Test Cyp? you won't run Testosterone anymore?


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You have a Dr that's willing to prescribe you TRT and also HGH? That's amazing, wish my doc would do that shit lol.

HGH Daddy

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it's okay if you use pharma grade arimidex and GH. but if you use products under the stairs, do not think about why there was a problem.

bobby ricky

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Go by how you feel. If he lowers it and you don’t feel good let him know. Trt is not about test numbers it’s about symptom resolution. The least amount to make you feel and operate like your 20 again. Dr rand on u tube will tell you all about it it’s what he does for A living.


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If you are feeling great, why change? Do you remember when you were 17 and felt full of strength and wanted to fu%K everything? Your testosterone levels were really high. You didn't experience any side effects then did you? Instead, you felt like you could conquer the world. I wish my numbers were at 1,500 taking the dosages you are taking. My levels at 200 mg per week divided into two shots is between 400-500. You have an open minded doctor. Hard to say what to do...if you start HGH, make sure you do some tests to check for cancer markers. HGH will accelerate everything. Don't rely so much on the number(s) but on how you feel and stay on top of your blood work. Good luck.