Article- Weight Training Over 40


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Here is a article written by Brad Boreland. Brad is a veteran and cancer survivor. You might not agree with all or even most of what he says but glean something useful from it and use it to improve your current situation. 

He is also an author and I bought his book at one of his lectures. It is pretty good and nicely laid out. Particularly the beginner.






Informative article. The part about thinking you can still train like you fid in your 20's is very true. It took me 2 years into my 40's to start trsining smarter. My advice is if doesn't feel right or it hurts then don't do it! Find something else.


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Good read. I truly struggle with this one. My dilemma is determining what are my limitations at 45 yrs old. As Ive said before, Ive been working around injuries for some time but also danger close to being stronger now than I have ever been in my life. So its very hard for me to accept the limitations of age however I know if I dont I will most likely pay for it in the years to come. So my stubborness lies in the desire to push further and harder but also I obviously want to stay in this game for life so determining the balance is floating out there in the 4 winds somewhere..