blood pressure issues


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went into the gym today and got my blood pressure checked.
they refused to let me work out till i got a doctors note!!
my pressure is 176 over 84.

the doctor said i need to lose another 30lbs and i'll be fine and can still work out.

i only got my pressure checked cause the past few night ive been gettin heat flashes.
i had these heat flashes when i was 300lbs but never had one since i lost 50lbs.

ive been doin test e and dbol for 2 weeks now.
in the first week i gained 10lbs. not fat or muscle but im sure water. will the water retention cause my pressure to go up???

i dont wanna go off anything but if i have to i will!!!
any help????


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now u are in my field--if ur that heavy due to fat then u need to do allot of walking. yes u are right ur blood pressure is up due to the water ret. do u know what it is norm. do u have any blood sugar issues. stay consistent weight training should help but take it slow until u get some of that weight down. if there are no contradictions lassixs would help get rid of the water ret. and lower blood press.
good luck


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Its from the d-bol. How many mg are you running? Get yourself some hawthorne berries from your local vitamin store. They always help my BP. Drink lots of water and cut that salt out.


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You could also try Cycle Support by Anabolic Innovations. It has a lot of goodies in it. I never run a cycle without it.


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Both the dbol and test will cause water retention. Most of it will come from dbol. try the hawthorne berries. also, eat some garlic. it's the cheapest form of a blood thinner that maybe able to help lower your blood pressure. best of luck.


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just remember if you are using hawthorne and garlic to go easy on the fish oils, garlic and fish oils in high doses in not a great move...