Building Strength Over 40....


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Building strength over 40....50...60.... or at any age!

I am recently coming off a moderate shoulder injury and I can't help but see a big decrease in my overall strength. I realize that if I want to get back to where I was before my injury I have to go back to the very beginning. I have to get in the mindset of a novice. I have to focus on those things that created the strength that I possessed in the past. If I want to look the way I did before my injury I have to shore up the foundation that everything else is built upon.... strength!

I have to begin again focusing on the Holy Grail of strength building exercises. Exercises that every strength athlete incorporates to becoming stronger. If I want to have the physique that I had before the injury I have to put that desire aside knowing in doing so I will get back their again. Strength was the foundation of my physique and strength will be its foundation again. 

If I want to build strength I must focus my energies on multi-jointed compounded exercises and avoid and/or limit my use of single jointed isolation exercises. This is where it all started for me and that is where I am going back to.

To accomplish my goals I don't need to be Superman strong nor do I want to be but the reality is that increasing strength is the ONLY way to get back what the injury stole. I am incorporating beginning multi-joint compound exercises with an intermediate level of experience. Call it a beginners routine with an experienced twist.

The next time you find yourself in a position of stagnation or you have an injury setback maybe revisiting where you started will help. For me it just happens to be compound exercises and that is where you will find me for the next 16 weeks. ;)






The huge advantage you have this time around vs the beginning is experience and muscle memory. Rest assured Marine you will bounce back and be better than ever!!!



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The struggle is real Brother!  This is the best approach for coming back and beginners IMO.  Solid base is built with compound movements.  I would have spent more time powerlifting in my early days if I could have it back.  Good stuff.




I don't even have a bit of doubt. He has a plan. Now he is getting his mindset for the plan. Next step is to execute the plan with the proper efforts.. Results will be whatever he chooses...



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Great to see you Sensei! Thank you for your support and understanding the importance of compound moves.

Be good Brother and stop in when you can.






I would wish you the best of luck semper fi but its got nothing to do with luck. You know what and how to do this As your first statement shows. so go and smash this little hurdle to bits like the many hundreds of hurdles before it. its not the first nor will it be your last hurdle.





This post got me doing alot of thinking  , and my recent sisuiation .. 

I was gun-ho on the gym and i still am but here is a example , snow and ice hit this week  ,yes im in that north east blizzard   , a few weeks back i thing i was 96 hours stright in the truck non stop  , and i fell asleep after for a day and a half .  I start my routine , within a week im happy with where i was heading  , now ive been at it agion from monday , this last night at like 11.. and 0 gym time its impossible when your in a truck NON STOP FOR DAYS   

But this post got me thinking  ,am i happy with my current strenght ,NO , am i ok with my looks , after 2 or 3 days back in the gym  YES , 

The fundamentals for me in 20 years of my training were , all power movements  , my bench back then never was impressive but at 175  dead lifting 555 , and bucket shotting 450 on squat   i had the core strenght   age my friends is just a number , this is 2018  ,we dont need to have weak bones and alot of other excuses   the supps are out there  ..

Seeing the time i have now for the gym any kind of bb , is not a reachable or doable goal ,so as semp said above   , im going back to the begginning .   Where it all started   ,i blue up pretty fast   ,but it took me a long time to develop strenght , now i have muscle memory on my side    , so  with the time i have im going to focus on core strenght  , BENCH ,SQUAT , DEAD ,    the big 3    , im not talking major numbers here bench at 315 for 1 im happy , squats 315 , for a few im more than happy with  , deads i feel the same 315   im happy   

My goal os the get these numbers back   , which 3 or 4 days in gym for 45 minutes is doable on thos routine   so im basicly adappting  my self to a goal with the realalistic time i have   ,once i hit these numbers  , then ill have more time and i worry about a plan then 

Sf  , sorry i did not hyjack tour thread i feel since your thread inspired my thinking and getting back to basics   you wouldnt m8nd me putt8ng this here     




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I didn't see a 50-yr category... Would like to start one as an "Old Man"!!!


50-yrs old - Got Fat/Lazy/Depressed...Not my first time... Trained in 20's, 30's, 40's.

Been 10+ yrs since last cycle... Looking to see what the "old guys" do. lol...





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50 is the new 25 T.

If I was in your position I would have blood work done. A full male hormone panel specifically. If my blood results showed weaknesses in my overall health I would take specific actions in my lifestyle choices to make the corrections that I have control over. If I found that my testosterone was low I would seek professional advice in correcting that issue specifically. My personal choice for professional help is a naturopathic doctor.

I found that correcting my hormone deficiencies through natural and supplemental means was a huge step in overall health improvements. Those improvements led to bigger steps in lifestyle changes... such as personal choices, diet, exercise, etc. These things led to new improvements in other areas of my health and hormone levels. Think of it as a snowball effect. ;)

Concerning GH... Unless you have very deep pockets and a huge amount of patience I would not even consider it. I have been on it at different levels for over 2 years (Rx quality) and although I see positive results there is nothing phenomenal or mystical about those results. As far as physical improvements I could have had several plastic surgery procedure that would have cost me thousands less and provided much more pronounced results.  

My final personal thought is that I learned that there is no magic bullet, pill or method to being the best me that I can be. It boiled done to very simple personal choices. It wasn't easy but it sure was simple. Time and consistency is my keys to success. I spent years destroying my body. Why would I think that I could fix it faster than I destroyed it?!

Good luck on your journey.