Cardiovascular system



The problem with many bodybuilders is that they don't devote enough time to their cardiovascular system, and this is one of the most important components of athletic longevity.

Let's try to figure out what's what. So here are the main dependencies that we will rely on below:

• The larger the body, the more blood it needs.

• The more blood is needed, the more the heart needs, or the more often it must contract

• The larger the heart - the more blood it pumps at a time, more oxygen at a time

• The smaller the heart, the more often one must contract to pump the correct volume of blood

• The larger the heart, the less often it must contract to pump the correct volume of blood

• The less often the heart beats, the less it wears out in a lifetime

Let us dwell on these postulates in more detail. That is, it is important for us to increase the volume of the heart, if we gain weight, and not an increase in its size. The first is good, the second is bad. When the increase in volume occurs due to the stretching of the walls of the heart muscle, this is what we need, because: a large heart volume - fewer contractions are needed to pump blood, and the "motor" wears out less and lasts longer. But when the heart grows due to the thickening of the walls of the heart muscle, this is bad. It happens like this. High Rate of Contraction of the Heart, above 140 - the heart needs to drive more blood, since the body requires nutrition - many contractions and there is no way to relax our muscle - internal tension - hypoxia - cell death. By the way, this is a stone in the crossfit vegetable garden. But if we work in the range of 120-140 Heart Rate, the flexibility of the heart improves, and it stretches as needed. That is why it is important to give cardio exercise even while gaining weight, even if not every day, but to maintain your health, 2-3 times a week is quite good. So do not be lazy and get on the cardio simulator at least occasionally.

Be healthy!


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Thanks for an interesting article. Indeed, that's a common problem among many roid users but that's something everyone should take into consideration!