Cleaning The Liver




Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is a common, non serious condition caused by the build up of fat cells within the liver not caused by high alcohol consumption.


Men who take AAS, either TRT or traditional cycling, are at a higher risk for developing fatty liver. My research concludes that this is due in part to increased glycogenesis. I also suspect the increased utilization of cholesterol to add to the increase in liver fat, but there really is not a lot of research on the link between bodybuilding and fatty liver. In fact, I came across this information from a TRT doctor. My understanding is that, on high carb diets and on supraphysiological amounts of Testosterone, muscle glycogen is restored efficiently and rapidly and that excess glucose is transported to the liver. Liver glucose aids in its function and is a normal process, but excess liver glucose storage can lead to a build up of fat in the liver. I assume this behaves in the same manner that excess sugar becomes stored fat.  Obviously this is intensified by moderate to high alcohol consumption.  In severe cases this can lead to scarring of the liver, followed by cirrhosis.  


This led me to the apparently old school, though I'd never heard of it, remedy for post cycle liver clean up.


Choline 3000mg

Inositol 3000mg

L-Methionine 1500mg

This protocol is run daily for 30 days. They are classified under B6 Vitamins I believe and are cheap, OTC.  Finding the right dosage is not easy, however. Suggested use was for 30 days Post Cycle or every 3 months if on TRT. I don't know about the effect this has on liver enzymes and I don't see it detoxifying the liver from the use of oral steroids, but the overall health of our livers is paramount.  This protocol provides another weapon in the arsenal with which to protect ourselves.



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Safety is first and especially with aas users we should study to learn more about the body that we can protect it even better. What good is gains if we're 6' under! I believe we should take every precaution & our bodies will reward us!! 




I've done a lot of research on replenishment of glycogen post workout. One thing I've learned is fructose sugars are not a good way to replenish glycogen due to the fact the liver must convert fructose to glucose. The liver then stores this converted glucose until the body signals the liver glycogen is needed. I'm sure most on here really limit their high fructose corn syrup intake, but I wonder if limiting fruit would aid in keeping the liver lean while cycling or on trt? Nice write up Mr A +2 brother 


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I found the same thing to be true, Dolf. Fructose can only be stored as liver glycogen.  Assuming someone is also eating plenty of starchy carbs, it's easy to assume that an excess of fruit would definitely lead to excess liver glycogen. Of course determining where that threshold is probably only speculative at this point.  I do think that since the liver can only hold so much glucose at once, the remaining fructose would increase blood sugar, release insulin and ultimately be stored as fat. My concern is really the strain on the liver of having to convert fructose to glucose. Logically, I would want my liver filtering toxins all day instead of having to deal with my love of bananas. As healthy as fruit can be in certain aspects i.e. their antioxidant properties, I refrain from it almost entirely especially while on cycle. Half a banana in my oatmeal once or twice a week, blueberries in my pancakes.  That's about it for me. I think when you're not training hard and eating like a machine you're not running the risk of excess muscle glycogen going to the liver and so you can probably get away with some fruit on a daily basis and not put any added strain on your liver. Or just run the protocol I listed above in half the dosage year round - consider it another part of your multivitamin routine.



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Yes, your bloods can tell you that's why it's very important to get bloods. Ultrasounds can help. However the best way is a Catscan. Ones you get your bloods back and your normal levels are  in the "high" range than your doctor should get you in. Ultrasounds will get you close but save your $$ and just get a CT.  Often it has no symptoms and typically does not cause permanent damage




This is great info.  I am always looking for ways to protect my body.  Been spending all this time on money to make it look good now, I'd like it to last me a long time too.



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So how much milk thistle do you take. I take 1000mg every morning even off of orals. Never had liver values show high even running oral tren. 



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Just re-read this thread.

+1 to everyone for their input... This is a VERY important issue that should not be overlooked by anyone.



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I'll admit that I don't have the exact content breakdown on hand, so it could overlap some of what's already been mentioned, but what about supplements like NAC and Liv52 etc?




Library of medicine has a nice case study on the successful use of liv52 on patients with cirrhosis. I'm now taking it daily due to elevated ALT and AST. We will see first hand if it reduces my elevated liver function test results in 30 days



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I just had my bloods also Calm and my ALT, AST, potassium level, cholesterol levels are high. I just started taking milk thistle. I will be taking Liv52 also. I've never had any issues before. It's a little frightening. Keep me posted and I'll keep you posted. It sucks because I am a firefighter and need to be in good health. Hope we both recover well.