Clen 1st cycle


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So tried tren test Var..

Thinking of jmping on a clen cycle.

Do I really need to start at low dose say 20mcg per day and up it every 3 days or can I just jump on 100mcg per day....

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You better start with a lower dosage. 20 mcg/day is a good starting dosage. Do not jump on 100 mcg/day which is a huge dosage. If you get side effects from it? The 100 mcg/day dosage is likely to cause nasty issues. 20 mcg/day is still effective. Remember to stay hydrated on Clen.


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Don't take 💯.

I don't have personal experience but I know that's a bad idea, you'll be shaking like a shitting dog.

I've always opted for just taking more steroids, probably safer imo.