clenbuterol + l thyroxine


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Hello everybody! 

I am new here so nice to meet you all.

I am 30 years old, 6 month ago my weight was 130kg  (188 cm height ) . I've dropped to 99kg during my first 5 month on a non carb diet.

After that I just stucked with those 99...

Started to increase my carbs by 50 gr per week until got to 250-300 per day. The weight started going off again but slowly like hell... 

Now I am doing 70 carbs per day for 6 days and around 300-400 carbs 7th day. 

And I decided to include clenbuterol and l thyroxine .

The thing is that I think that the clen I've  ordered is a fake (absolutely no sides at all) 5 days 40mcg+12.5mcg l thyroxine,  6 and 7th day 80mcg+25mcg l thyroxine. ..feeling NOTHING bad No shakes no over sweating BUT the big thing is that my weight after a week is 96kg :-/ so something seems to be working there :D 

The the question is , could it be possible to loose weight like this from l thyroxine by it self??? Or the clen is working and I'm a superman having no sides at all???


Thanks people.



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That's the thing. ..

I was reading tones of reviews about the sides...almost impossible that my body reacts that good to that crap :D 

As well as I know myself and usually my body does react to everything properly (fat burners etc)



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this is as old as shit and hopefully you figured it out by now, but honestly 40mg of clen isn't gonna make you shake like michael j fox. get up around the 120mcg range then see how you feel. I get sides around the 100-140 mcg mark



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yea you're v low on the dosages there. But thats great because these compounds especially the Thyroid can be VERY catabolic. Thats why i dont like to fuck with T3/T4, they literally flatten my muscles out.



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I have a question in addition to the first! There was a similar problem and I was advised similar things but I stumbled upon injections and have not yet found a pretty well described explanation of the difference between pills and injections! It is clear that there is a certain difference, but what exactly is it? I would be grateful for the clarification!
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