Clomid and Anavar


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Hello everyone.

So I have low testosterone. I'm 30, 6ft, 265lbs. My testosterone was at approximately 129 - 325 ng/dl. Because I was over 300 ng/dl in my second blood lab, I don't qualify for pinning under my insurance. The doctor went ahead and put me on clomid and my recent test shows my testosterone at 728 ng/dl (I'm not a bit** when it comes to needles). You can see where my free testosterone is too in the results I attached.

I feel a million times better and I've been on a macro counting/calorie deficit diet which I'm sticking to and busting my ass in the gym 5 days a week. I've lost 17lbs in a couple months but it's slowed down since I've gone heavy on the protein to maintain and build muscle while burning fat. I measure/weigh all of my food and track it all. I'm hitting this shit hard to get back into shape.

I want to use Anavar to build some more lean muscle and was wondering what I might expect if I put Anavar and Clomid together or if its even a good idea in the first place? And since I am going to have blood labs every 3 months, if I ran an 8 week cycle at approximately 40mg a day, would 1 month be enough time for it to not show up in my system in any type of lab tests? What should I expect result/side effect wise when taking both together? I don't want to get popped and not take clomid anymore so that's why I'm here asking questions. Clomid has helped me a lot.

My current side effects from clomid are nipple sensitivity and I'm a little bit more of an asshole. Lol.

Thanks in advance.


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why not use actual testosterone instead (as a cycle)?
even with clomid, anavar is likely to suppress endogenous testosterone


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If you use clomid to increase your T levels, there's no need to use clomid for T levels as long as you use actual testosterone