Cold hands and feet.


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Wondering if happened to anyone else. Past few months my hands and feet get extremely cold. Say I wash my hands with cold water or touch something cold they stay cold for a while. Not sure what's going on. But recently started a cycle of npp and I know npp can cause heart issues. Only on 200 mg but worried it could be heart related. Already have dr appointment scheduled but curious to hear what you guys think.

Bp has been good. Not sure if early signs of heart failure or something but its freaking me out.


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It could be any number if things really. One thing that comes to mind is circulation issues but I'm far from a dr. I mean it could be nothing, my hands and feet stay pretty cold on the regular. My wife always says "cold hands warm heart" lol


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Almost any time you have cold extremities, it's a circulation issue. Do you smoke? That's a major side effect.
Also you could be showing the beginning side effects of anemia. In the beginning of anemia your hands and feet are cold, and if it gets worse your whole body. I'm sure we all have met a girl who wants your sweatshirt even when its 80°s outside. Either way I recommend adding more iron to your diet. Fish and spinach are a excellent source