Connor vs. Floyd


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Any predictions?

Although I am a big fan of at least one of the individuals I think it is a huge insult to both sports. Connor has never been shy to state that he is in this for the money and we all know Floyd loves the dough. It is just sad the extent that the athletes and promoters will go to keep it rolling in.

Nah.... I ain't going to watch it. ;)






I'm not going to watch it, no time for it. But, i hope Connor kicks floyds ass to be honest. It's a money game masked in a fake feud. 



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We have a badass BWW here, I plan on getting highly intoxicated and eating wings until I'm about to puke to distract from a horrible lineup of fights. Either floyd is going to run around and it'll be a points game, or Connor will catch him with a haymaker. One of connors punches is the same as five of floyds. It'll be a spectacle either way. I'd rather spend $100 on wings and beer than PPV...