Creatine And Steroids


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Would Supplmenting With Creatine Help My Muscles Stay Healthy And Grow While On Steroids Or Is It Pointless..



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Steroids stimulate the phosphocreatine synthesis in the muscle cell. Keep it after the cycle is ended.


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use it as part of your pct, that will help you maintain your use ethyl ester opposed to mono its alot more effective...


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Phosphocreatine synthesis will be increased when steroids become part of your regiment. Adding creatine will be of more benefit on cycle than off. Lets say that you take the same certain amount of creatine on and off cycle. Because creatine synthesis is more pronounced or increased, taking creatine would allow more creatine to be synthesized which would serve to an AAS/creatine user's benefit. That is not to say you should not use it off cycle as well. Creatine DOES NOT NEED TO BE CYCLED. Take full adavantage of your supplement arsenal while your running the juice.


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The simple answer is no. 


The reason is that creatine is actually just an immediate energy substrate. essentially all glucose is converted to CP, which is the final stage before ATP. CP cannot readily Be stored up. Only in small amounts and when it ia stored, a lot of water gets stored with it, hence the weight gain. The true benefits for this supplement lie in the preworkout stages. Not for maintenance brother. 




no its not don't do that extend your cycle out to keep gains



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Agreed, you can use it anytime you like really but I think you will notice its best effect when OFF cycle. PCT would be a perfect time.



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Creatine is a combination of three different amino acids: glycine, arginine, and methionine. That's it! So it definitely always helps, although some people just dont like it. Some creatine supplements come with caffeine in them which is the part of it that I don't like, it makes me nervous. That being said I would cycle it kind of like what you do with steroids. It is not necessary to do so, but it can help. Your body has an internal equilibrium which you can swing in your favor for a period of time, but over time that equilibrium will eventually swing back.

Which basically means that taking excess creatine for a short period of time (4-8 weeks) may temporarily increase your creatine phosphate stores, but after a while your body's feedback mechanisms will likely bring the levels back down to normal. This mechanism may be to decrease your body's own production of creatine or to downgrade the number of receptors that admit creatine into the cell. Taking time off from creatine can help bring your body's equilibrium back into a state wherein taking excess creatine will be beneficial again.

I did notice a couple of other people and SR's said you can do it on and off cycle and 8 do agree, as long as you cycle it so to speak. As with anything, your body gets used to things and they become less effective unless you trick your body and change things up. You also want to give your body time to make it's own creatine because while you are supplementing with creatine your body will not make it. I hope this helps :)

I'm not to sure about it helping you keep gains, It will help you keep the water retention but a far as muscle mass, Imo I dont think it does much. That being said, something that works for one person,  might not work for another person! That's the crazy thing about all these supplements and steroids. And everybody has the Bro mentality. That is to say, my "bro" did it, so it should work for me




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Creatine made my liver enzymes spike! It was making my doctor crazy trying to figure out what was causing it as I had been off juice for over 8 months! I finally dropped the creatine out of my diet & my liver enzymes went back into the norm. Wierd huh!!!!