Current plan for mass


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190 Pounds
32 Years old

Breakfast - 4 whole eggs, Oatmeal with banana slices, couple slices of bacon, and a cup of cottage cheese with some orange juice.

Lunch - 1 whole grilled chicken breast, 1 grilled beef patty, 1.5 cups of rice and some kind of veggie.

Pre workout - Peanut butter and jam on whole grain bread with a banana or apple.

Post workout - source of glucose with 50 grams whey protein

Dinner - Typically the same as lunch.

Night - 25 mg casein (sometimes I don't do this and fall asleep)

I like to think that Im getting 3500 calories a day of lean protein and good carbs. Im really really trying to get to 200 lbs before I start cutting next season. Its getting hard. I cant seem to eat more. Maybe I should try some EQ again.. idk. I have a fast metabolism and I stay fairly lean usually no matter what I eat. What I've been doing lately is eating some ice cream at lunch just to add some extra calories. I don't get fat around my stomach and I'm steady gaining in the right areas. Im just trying to get 10 extra pounds. Sometimes I'll take some casein protein at night before bed. Like I said, I could try eating every two hours but I find it difficult. My gains are looking great though. Even though its the wet gains you typically see from this cycle, i still have a fairly lean look.


600 MG Test a week
350 MG Deca a week
HCG - 1000 IU a week (Currently breaking from that for a few weeks)
1 MG Adex Each Day

multi Vitamin - 1 a day
Fish oil - 2 a day
Creatine - 5mg a day
L Arginine
Niacin or B3

I have Caber on hand but haven't needed it. Extra Adex as well as Stane, Clomid, Nolva, Viagra, Cialis as well.