Cycle time - Can't decide!

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Hey Bro's,

Been gone for  a couple months and off a cycle for about 5+  pursuing other hobbies and just chilling on TRT and straightening out my Diet; not counting calories - just cut out all sugars, breads, etc......... I dropped about 5 kilos but still have good muscle mass from last cycle.

Sitting about 85/86 Kilos and roughly 15-16% BF.  

I am thinking Recomp (Getting older and don't really need the mass -maybe add 3 kilos and lose a couple % BF at the same time would be perfect - I know it is a bitch to accomplish and Tren is best suited for it but Tren and I don't get along so well.

So......I remember Milken mentioned a short but heavy Prop/NPP Cycle at one time.  I have that on hand but never ran it.  And...alternatively I could get some Bold Ace and give that run.  I really like the Healthy skin affects with Boldenone.

So Bold or NPP - which is better for my goal?

And suggested 8-10 cycle would be Great!

Still training 2-3 FB WO's per week for maintenance - Lifting is seldom an issue..... Just not much of a cardio guy - but I will do it if needed :)

Thx Guru's,






Hey bro its been a while ,good to see you ,I was wonder a few times ,where you went ,,glad everything is good ,,I don't like the tren ,I just dropped it ,,, I feel you about getting older ,,, 

I dropped the tren a ,,but I continue with the prop 150 eod , and I'll have to post a pic ,,I really don't have the mass ,I use to have ,,or do I the shirts are still getting tighter ,,but I have a look I never really had ,on cycle ,,I believe I'm getting very well defined muscle is showing ,so well defined ,,I been on the prop alone like 2 3 week ,and looking jacked I guess what I'm saying is don't rule out prop alone ,

If I had to choose ,one of the cycles you mentioned ,especially for 8-10 week I like the npp ,,just my opion   ,like I said good to see you ,how's life on the beach ?? I'm heading out to ,in about 2 week 




SF, how you been bro? Dang dude that new little woman of yours must have some moves, its been months bro ! Then you got the green thumb project going on I am surprised you have time to pee. LOL. Great hearing from you again bro.

Bold ace vs npp ? Humm where do we start here. NPP will always personally win in my book though there are others who may offer a good debate to my opinion. Both are awesome compounds having unique effects when incorporated in a nice 8 week shortie blast. When I run shorts, I like to go a bit heavy yet consertive only implementing 2-3 compounds max.

NPP, the short version of deca as we know it, is remarkable whether you want to cut or run for lean mass. As with most shorts, cycle outcome is diet dependent. I run test-p 100mg/Ed and NPP 150mg/EOD for 8 weeks as a lean mass cycle. Depending on the quality of my gains, I may throw in a hardner the final few weeks of the cycle. AI as needed and caber on hand, this is a great cycle which will yeild really good results as long as your diet is in check.

Bold ace- Not a tremendous amount of user feedback on this compound but I did run it myself as a front load to the long acting EQ to get levels up and productive and I will say that it does do it job very well. Strength, vasculrity, and increase in hunger hit within days instead of weeks as with EQ. The pip will make you cry bro, pinning glutes are mandatory with this stuff. Now its been a while so some ugl's may have tamed this pip but believe me when I tell you it is something you will remember. I can almost compare it to test-suspension pip. Anyway, I personally would street clear of a full 8 week cycle with bold ace for that reason. Front loading =yes, full 8 week cycle=no. Just my opinion.




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Not even close IMO . NPP wins hands down.   Prop NPP is good, but consider Sust w NPP . Run that for 12 weeks w IGF1-LR3 on the fist 50 days. 


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Thanks for welcome back guys.........

Beach and the GF all in check..... Green thumb project underway and looking stable so getting ready to do this.  I hear the feedback and I have learned to listen to it.  Prop/NPP it is for 8-10 weeks.  I do like the IGF too...... Going to get some ordered and on hand before I start :)

Just FYI - Gym buddy suggested Prop/NPP/Bold Cyp - drop the NPP at 8 weeks (Bulk Diet) then continue with the Bold Cyp and add the Var for 8 more weeks (On a cut diet).......... Sounds A little much for me but interesting none the less......... PLUS Bold makes me HUNGRY!!




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I love npp the couple times ive used it. I did run test e, npp, and var for once cycle. If you have the cash, I say add var every time.


Ive never used boldenone, so I really cant comment on that. One of only a few I havent tried yet. (boldenone, anadrol, halotestin) Though I am trying to get a hold of some Halo. Sounds too fun not to try!


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Well......Just re-thought it out and I will be going on 16 week cycle.  Summer hits here in Dec.

1-16 Test E 500 PW

1-4  D-bol 40mg PD

1-16 Bold Cyp 600 PW

10-16 Var 60mg PD and Light Cut to diet

Current Plan anyway.....Should start Aug 1st as long I get the Bold Cyp on hand :)




Good luck SF and stick with glute pokes with the bold. You will know exactly what I am talking about after your first pin. I would only throw in the vat at the en if your gains are lean, remember bold will make you want to eat a horse. Every day.

Good hearing from you SF, keep us in the loop with your progress.




I notice this thread is old, and you already have another cycle plan laid out that looks pretty solid, I just wanted to add that the prop/NPP cycle goes very well with mast prop and would meet your goals nicely. goodluck