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So I mixed this deca 500 with test e 300 from beligas and damn it’s kinda knotted up on me quite a bit i can feel the whole cord of muscle in my ass it’s been 4 days…i been running for a few years already and never had it knot up like this. Is this normal? Or should I not mix the test 300 and deca 500 and just blast em in different places?


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You're doing it right. It's knotting because the deca 500 is thicker than standard and it doesn't disperse in the muscle as well.
The best thing to do is warm your oil up and I do a few different things for this.
1. I will place the vials on a coffee pot warming plate for a few minutes.
2. I wet a paper towel with water and heat it in the microwave for a minute or so and wrap it around the syringe for a few minutes.
3. After you inject, rub and massage the area for a bit.

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plus those are pretty high concentrations. not everyone can respond to such high concentration
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hgh is test undecaonate filter through the liver? thats oral caps i mean?
no, oral testocaps do no go through the liver. but that's part of the reason why they are so ineffective. you have to use like 240 mg a day, every day, which makes them ineffective and extremely expensive.