Deca & Test E injection Questions

400ML/Decca/ 2 times a week
400/Test E
200/test E / 2 times a week
Should I inject my 200 of test E and 400ml of deca all in the same syringe or should I do 400ML one syringe and 200 Test in another syringe ? Feel stupid asking better to ask! Thanks guys!!


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a guy on here told me to put tren ace in refridgerator when mixed with test prop then inject slow and i had no tren cough. so if you listen to what the guys say on here youll be straight.

1st cycle was doing 600 of decca a week 100 test and now Iwanna go higher have 4 weeks left of cylce been a 8 week cylce so far
4 weeks only correct in DBOL? Oh And should start taking my PCT once I’m completely done with my cycle orrr a week or so before I’m done??


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yeah dbol last 4 weeks with the test and deca. pct 2 weeks after last inject. some due 1 week. i do 2 weeks. how this cycle go for you?
I gained 12 pounds so far and I actually shredded 8 pounds it’s crazy I actually got a lot of definition on my arms man compared to before