Delayed pip?


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Ok, so I started my cycle a few weeks back. Been meaning to start a new cycle log, but I'll get there.
Yesterday was my 5th injection. And up until 2 hours I've had 0 pip.
But I just did legs, 4 sets of 15 squats, 4 sets 15 Romanian deadlift, 4 sets of 20 leg curls, 4 sets 15 dumbbell lunges, 5 sets 15 calf raises. I also did a little traps, and a little abs.

But anyway... a pretty standard workout for me. Nothing crazy... pretty standard stuff.

Anyway... about 2 hours ago BOTH my thighs, where I prefer to do my pins are ON FUCKING FIRE! The soreness definitely doesn't match my workout.

So my question is... has anyone had delayed pip like this before? Did I get all the oil moving from my workout... or am I just a bitch?


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Brother I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago. At first I thought I was just jabbing myself to hard( in top of ass) or at an angle or something. I was fine when I first injected, but after a few hours passed and I got active the shit hurt like hell. I endured it for several days and thought I was just being a bitch, but then it kept happening. Turns out for me it was the test cyp I was using. Never had any issue from that lab before, but guess something wasn’t right with that vial/batch.


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it's actually strange if you used the product the same way as you usually do and it was always fine
maybe used it wrong?
That was my first thought... but it was both legs.
No other muscle group is sore, except for where I pinned. Its still sore today... it definitely feels like pip pain.
Idk, I guess I'll know Thursday when I pin again