Different steroid types?


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So I have a few different types of steroids. What’s the best way to take these? Should I use the pills or the vials first? I’ve taken steroids before but never with a variety like that.

I have D bol in white powder form, I have about 40-50 blue D bol pills, and two vials of testosterone.

Which ones do I use first? And how often/how many pills or injections at a time?


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Dbol as powder should be reconstituted and injected??
Dbol tablets is by far the most common form of using it
vial of testosterone what ester? Test Prop, Cyp, Enanth? Sustanon?
Which ones do I use first?
only testosterone injection you use first for your cycle. but you should tell some more info about yourself. goals, stats etc.
And how often/how many pills or injections at a time?
you can use Test injections alone with or without Dbol pills. I wouldn't recommend Dbol pills alone though. So, for first time you should run test injections if you never used a cycle of steroids.
again, to help you more, you need to share more info


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I have a bottle of GP test propionate 100 mg bottle.And a bottle of test bottle of enanthate, 250 mg. I’ve done a cycle before but never done the pills. I have about 30-40 blue d bol pills.
I’m wondering if I take the pills separately or with the injections.

A little about myself as asked I’m 27 and previously took a 16 weeks cycle a couple years ago, I weigh around 160 currently and want to get back up to 175.


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Go for test enanthate 1 ml twice a week (monday and thursday) = 2 ml weekly = 500 mg. With good diet and workout that’s enough to get to ur goal. No need to add dbol pills


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is your diet and workout on point?? these "bottles and pills" won't really help as long as the diet and training schedule isn't perfect, or at least near it.
gotta agree with this, hgh is right. roids are only going to boost your gains faster or if you plateau naturally. but if you never hit the gym or continue with junk foods, roids aren't only not going to be helpful, but they would screw you up too