Does anyone know a reputable online place to get ephedrine?


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I know ephedrine isn’t a steroid per se but I was hoping anyone who had taken it or is still taking it would know any reputable websites to get this from. I’d appreciate any input! I’m doing a cut and I’m curious about it...


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is not allowed to talk about sources publicly.
do you plan adding anything else with ephedrine during your cutting plan?


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If you want real results Clen is better. Especially if you never used it - you may not get the shakes (if your body responds well and you use it properly)


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Dude, ephedrine is a schedule 4 drug with severe consequences if you get caught. Why would you even attempt to get your hands on it. At least with normal gear, some Are schedule 2 and most are 3 which are a lot easier to plead down. Just please be careful, no
Matter where you order from


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Clenbuterol hands down on burning fat and if you are very out of shape t3 is also a great help . Efedrine is mostly energy