Emergency Help Please!!!


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Ok i'm kinda freaked out right now cause I have alot of swelling in my left ankle and its all red and blotchy, my mom says its water retention and I should see a doctor ASAP cause its serious!!! Now thats the leg I did an injection and it is swore and tender but its been like that before but right now the red is around where my socks are and it looks like its really swellon!!! Please should I stop anabolics and get checked out or what??? I'm taking nolvadex 10mg ED along with zestril for High blood pressure. I'm on a cycle of 30mg d-bol and 500mg Test E EW!!! Should I just drop the d-bol for now???


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bump all these questions, why are you taking duretics? there are safer ways of reducing your blood pressure.

here are some side from it

Lisinopril side effects

feeling light-headed, fainting;
urinating more or less than usual, or not at all;
fever, chills, body aches, flu symptoms;
tired feeling, muscle weakness, and pounding or uneven heartbeats;
chest pain; or
swelling, rapid weight gain.

Less serious side effects may be more likely to occur, such as:

dizziness, drowsiness, headache;
nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach; or
mild skin itching or rash.


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where are you injecting?? can you walk on it?? is the whole leg tender?? what about the injection site??...can you take a pic of the swollen site??, I had done an ijection before in my shoulders and the swelling and redness went down towards my tri's, how long has it been since you injected there last ??


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Crazy as it may seem you really must take in plenty of water with this medication despite your swollen ankles. More water in = more water out.
The combination of this med and your nolvadex could be what is causing you some discomfort. Swollen ankles is an (rare) side from your SERM, plus you are taking a drug to lower your BP.
If you are not taking nolvadex to combat existing gyno (but just for preventions sake) then cut it out for a few days and see if this helps.
If you Doc has prescribed the Zestril because you have high BP problems you may want to cut out the Dbol, which can cause high BP and may be antagonising the Zestril.
My guess is that you are sensitive to nolva and perhaps are not taking in enough fluids. You must drink plenty with AAS, you are advised to drink alot when taking in Zestril too.
Stay safe fella LQ


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Ok here is the thing, my whole left leg is swollen and tender to the touch!!! My ankles and feet are swollen bad on that side and around where my socks were its all red and blotchy, looks really bad!!! I am stopping the d-bol for sure and you think I should chill on the nolva??? I thought it reduces water retention??? Won't having estrogen sides make this worse??? I am at a lose??? My nipples are tender even with 10mg nolva so stopping might be a bad idea so I don't know what to do, the oil from the Test E has been causing me problems with soreness and pain big time, can barely walk for days after!!! I was worried this might happen where I have to stop it, i'm getting a reship soon so hopefully that shit is all good, but i'm scared to ever inject again I think!!!

Ok so a question, should I drink more or less water??? Is'nt water retention causing this??? Also i'm stopping the zestril which is an ACE inhibitor ASAP along with the d-bol, good idea right??? No I am taking my moms zestril cause my BP went so high it was scaring me but the d-bol was making me huge and strong!!! Too bad but hey I think the Test is starting to kick in anyways!!! Oh ya my other ankle and foot is alittle swollen too so maybe is isn't the injection but it seems strange that its mostly on that side!!! Well any help is appreciated thanks!!!

Only human grade from now on after this cycle for sure!!!!!!!!!!


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Couple things, first off you need to see a doctor if it is as bad as you say. This is your health and nothing is more important.

2nd, it couold be an alergic reaction from one of the compouds or a reaction from mixing 2 of the compounds together.

Stop the dbol immediately, a large source of water retention comesa from the dbol. Increase your nolva dose up to 20mg ED to knock out the puffy nips and possible gyno.

Drop the diuretics for the time being until you see your doctor. I can tell you that some people are very sensitive to water retention, I am one of those people. If I do not take the right steps and stay on top of it then I turn into the stay puff marshmallow man from ghost busters.

I have had swelling issues in the past, once I took care of the water it went away.

Pick up some arimidex and start using it immediately and that should take care of most of your bloating.

But for god sakes man, get to the doctors office.


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Only the injection atrea is tender, the rest feels fine just tight!!! After all the injections i've done so far i've gotten pain and some swelling just at the injection site not the whole leg like now!!!


Buddy, I am about %99 sure that you getting a good chuckle out of this whole blog. I hope I am right because if you really are in the condition you are describing, and are turely taking bp meds with dbol, then you don't need to be doing steriods. Anyone in the condition you are describing would have been to the ER by now. There are some good folks out there who offer really good advice to others and their time shouldn't be wasted on pranks.

There is however that %1 chance that you may really be "That green" and are in the condition you are describing and if that's the case, call my bluff and post a pic of this swollen leg.


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Yes you should be drinking MORE water as well, water is a natural diuretic the more you drink the less your body retains since its getting a constant influx it doesn't feel the need to horde it like if you were in a dehydrated state.

Also like everyone else said if it's as serious as you're making it sound go see a doctor ASAP!


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GET TO THE HOSPITAL NOW. NOW. NOW. All the signs and symptoms point to deep vein thrombosis. You could've injected some oil into an artery or vein and the oil basically clogged it up causing all your symptoms. On top of that, you're taking a diuretic which lessen the volume of blood within your arteries and vessels. This could've worsened your situation.

> Deep vein thrombosis often does not cause symptoms or causes only minimal symptoms. When symptoms occur, they include:

* Swelling. This could be generalized swelling in the leg or localized swelling along a blood vessel that creates a swollen cord that can be felt.
* Warmth.
* Pain or tenderness. The pain may be in the calf or thigh and may be present only when the affected area is touched or when standing or walking.
* Redness.

>The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Deep vein thrombosis includes the 10 symptoms listed below:

* No symptoms
* Mild symptoms
* Leg pain
* Leg swelling
* Leg warmth
* Enlarged leg veins
* Protruding leg veins
* Leg pain on walking
* Leg pain when standing
* Leg pain absent when seated with legs raised

Even if you think I'm wrong you need to go to the hospital NOW otherwise it'll just get worse.

life is good.


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Ok what if I do have this cause it sounds about right, am I in deep trouble here? Could it just get better on its own or will it end up causing alot of problems?


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Hey Bro , Im pretty sure weedgit knows what hes talking about. And even if you dont believe him whatever problem your having isnt normal. Remember you got into this probably to get in shape ,look good and be all around healthier. Those goals are out the window if you run into some serious issuse like the one your having. Better be safe than sorry. Good luck.


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You can do whatever you want, BUT since I'd rather you not jeopardize your health or life, just go get it checked out. About now-ish. If your leg looks like that, why would you chance it and try to have your problem blow over? This is your health. If you're worried that a Dr. would need to know that you're using gear, they are obligated by LAW to not say a word of this to anyone, even the cops or your family, without a court order. If they do, you can sue their asses. Again, this is your health. Don't risk it.

In regards to your question about the seriousness of a deep vein thrombosis (clot), it's serious. That oil could dislodge and travel to your lungs, and cause you to cough up blood, or even worse, could travel to your heart and...you know where i'm going with this. I don't want to seem morbid, but I've seen it happen. This can be treated, but only at the hospital by a medical professional.


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It can be very subtle or very obvious.

If you doubt it, look at his left leg closely. It's red and swollen. The rings around his left leg was cause from a wrap.



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That is seriously horrible!!
Didn't think you could get DVT from hitting a vein with oil, but hell looks that way. Brr.. nasty.
OP better get to the Docs and soon