Exclamation A quick heads up for the new guys, my experiences counter-acting sides


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Just a quick heads up to help guide the new guys in the right direction, when trying to make the right decisions when it comes to counter-acting side effects as a result of using steroids.....

First off, possible common sides include;

Gyno ( bitch tits )
Water retention
Mood swings
Low sex drive/sexual dysfunction
Hair loss

Alot of these sides can be prevented by using the correct injection protocals, and not using gear that is likely to cause a problem in the first place, the key to preventing sides and/or dealing with them is to research before taking steroids.

Acne can be controlled by keeping your hormone levels in check, so correct injection protocals, keeping estrogen and DHT at bay will all help, proscar can aid keeping DHT converted from testosterone at bay, it will also help prevent hair loss and prostate enlargement as a result of using high andro steroids. Drugs like doxycyclene and accutane can work very well for acne if your usual OTC products are not helping, but accutane being a last resort as it has its own sides to deal with, being quite harsh on your system. Estrogen can be kept under control or almost eliminated by using either an anti-e or an AI, preventing its build up in the first place, seeing as water retention and gyno are possible sides of estro, using these compounds will also aid keeping that at bay, tamoxifen and arimidex are great...letrozole should be used as a last resort.

Insommnia and mood swings again are all hormone and chemical related, these changes in your body are going to make you feel different physically and mentally, i find high andro gear is defo a problem here, tren being the number one hormone. i have found valium to be very effective at helping you sleep and will help calm you down if it all gets on top.....As for sexual sides, there are a few options, one is ensuring you run more test as your base in any cyle, this will keep your man hood functional, viagra and dostinex are also great sex drugs which also have other steroids related benefits, cabaser can reduce prolactin which id linked to increased progesterone levels in your system which can cause gyno by other means, so covering that base is also a good idea when using 19nor hormones like deca/tren......

That pretty much sums it up, if you need to know anything else i suggest you research and ask the right questions, if you are in any doubt and do not want to suffer from any number of these side effects, then my recommendation is that you avoid steroids all together.


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Good advise always bro! What would you suggest as a dosage and start/stop for "proscar can aid keeping DHT converted from testosterone at bay?" I am at 2 weeks into PCT and acne is horrible!


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id not be too concerned with DHT now you are in pct, its more important you keep estrogen under control, i know from personal experience it will be a few months before you are normal again, thats how long it takes me anyways, i suggest you keep your skin clean, dont over clean it, try anti-biotics before you jump on anything harsh...OTC products are good too, proscar is more for on cycle only, unless you have existing hair loss/prostate problems....then half tab ed would suffice.....


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hit the steam room once in awhile to clean out those pores bro, clean clear pores is crucial during this stage

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great info!!! may thx...everyone should be ready when starting a cycle