Fake test or allergic to that brand?


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Hello bros;

I bought a couple of these vials (see pic) from a guy from work when I didn't know how to buy it from one of the sources here.

The issue is every damn time I inject it in whatever place, legs, glutes, ventro, the muscles get very sore to the point of not being able to walk. Last time I injected in the glutes exactly how my Dr was doing, it got really sore for 3 days.

I bought a kit to test the quality, but everything seems fine. I'm injecting 150mg per 3.5 days, 150mg more than what my Dr was giving me, one huge red flag is that I should be horny af, but I'm not. I bought a couple of vials from one of the sources and I'm waiting impatiently to be delivered, to compare it. I'm also going to get labs done on Monday to see wtf my levels are.

So any thoughts?

Thanks and Merry Christmas.


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So I went to 4chan and asked the same question, one of them answered this:

"The extra solvent UGL labs use to keep the solution sterile can cause increase PIP which you obviously won't get with legit pharma shit because the pharma gear is made in super sterile environments so they don't need to rely on as much solvent to keep the stuff sterile or in solution."

Idk wether that makes sense, but it seems logical. There is a lot to learn damn... from my part I'm not injecting that shit anymore, only Good Pharma Quality.

I hope others can benefit from this post in the future.


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it could be it, but it could be that you're getting allergies from inactive ingredients too. There are customers getting PIP from brands that most people don't.


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You might be having a reaction to the carrier oil they used. Different brands use different oils, it takes a bot of trial and error to determine which oils your body handles the best.


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I know im late to this one but ask your supplier which type of carrier oil they use for their gear. there are multiple different oils used to suspend hormones and some of them cause allergic reactions to some people