Fina Cough


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Fina Cough

For those who've taken Tren Ace, how many of you experience "fina cough" ? I was wondering due to the fact that i started having the cough.


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I have plenty of times, sometimes its so hard that I feel like I'm having a heart attack and my chest is gonna cave in...not a good feeling


i did not use it myself...i'm just plan to...but guys in the gym did have "fina cough" far as i'm concerned this is a common side effect of this cannot avoid it...but you know everything is very peculiar...


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I have a theory on fina cough. 1 do not heat tren before pinning. 2 use a 23g pin. 3 push plunger at the same rate you would a 25g pin. 4 Always sit or lay down. 5 have a glass of cold water read. You will feel the signs of the cough before you cough if you go slow enough. If you feel your jaw cramping or have a funny taste stop for a little bit. Slower the better. Still might get cough but less often.


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false. if you nick a vein, slow or fast, is of no circumstance. the water.....ridiculous. coughing and trying to drink simultaneously???? not smart. going to get water all over yourself, contaminate your site. bad move, not sanitary.


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Here's my take on tren cough boys - it only happens when tren enters the blood stream; it hits like a ton of bricks. It is nearly instantaneous and yes, sometimes preceded by a metallic taste. If and when it begins, you will know and you should withdraw your pin so you don't chew yourself up. It doesn't stay with you very long - a couple of minutes, maybe. Wait for the storm to pass and find a new injection site.

If you are mixing your tren, draw the tren first then your test so that there is no residual tren on the outside of your pin. This way, if you do nick a capillary, or worse yet, a vein, there will be no residual tren on the pin to incite the cough. In many cases (and you should always aspirate) you can bypass the nicked capillary or vein and comfortably inject without the cough.

Hope this helps! It could be different for you, but I am pretty sure the cough is standard when this compound enters the blood stream.


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that's good advice as that's how it happens, incidentally you will get this cough with any steroid if u nick the vein but it will not be as potent as a Tren cough